Zengcheng China

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Zengcheng (增城; Zēngchéng ) is a city in Guangdong Province. It falls under the administration of Guangzhou

A once densely forested area, Zengcheng was founded in the year 201AD, and is a well developed town with good transportation. Within China, Zengcheng is famous for its high quality and juicy lychees, which are sold under the brand-name of Gualu (挂绿 guàloù. It cannot be considered a tourist destination but if you find yourself there, head towards the river to see the locals going about their business much as they have done for centuries. There are a number of good restaurants and a few moderate bar/clubs, just 2 serious supermarkets and one multi storey shopping mall.

The best time to visit Zengcheng is in June and July when the lychees are ripe and dripping with juice.

Xintang - The economomic city of the Zengcheng area. A huge electrical industry is growing in Xintang because the Xintang city government is offering the best regulations to the factories. Because of the superiority, more and more companies have built new factories in Xintang.

Buses run from Guangzhou from around 07:00 to 21:00. There are several routes (including the 637 and 638 - others are not numbered) departing from different places in Guangzhou. A good place to get a bus is from Tianhe bus station. You can catch a bus from a mini bus station at the front of the main one or cross the road and catch one of many routes. A one way ticket costs from 16 yuan from Tianhe, and the journey takes about 1 hour 45 minutes from the Liuhua bus station opposite the main railway station, or about 1 hour 20 minutes from Tianhe bus station.

Zengcheng has an efficient bus service. Most bus stops have a map showing the routes, but the routes on the city map are completely wrong (2007)

If you want to go to the villages you will have to take a local bus. But you need a local guide who can can take you there. We ended up in the back of a small truck, sitting on plastic chairs from our host's home. Pretty dangerous.

Visit the villages. They are old and historic. The Chans come from Sa Chuen, Sun Gaai and Hargee. The Wongs from Gua Leng, Bak Sui and Yiel Tien.The Lees from Go Yi.

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