Zamora Mexico

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Description: Leaving Poncitlan, located on the northern side of the lake, we continued our trip around Lake Chapala. For 32 Pesos per person, we boarded a bus to La Barca and then paid another 41 Pesos on to our destination for the next 2 days, Zamora, Michoacan.

Zamora, with its current population of 128,000, was founded in 1574 and has a classical ambiance to it, sort of like a mini Oaxaca. At 1560 meters elevation, it is located about 190 km southeast of Guadalajara, and about 115 km northwest of Uruapan. We counted fifteen churches in the town plus the Cathedral, but was told there were many more, each one different in size and architecture. This Church is located at the main square.

Large, clean, active, with lots of music and well tended plants, this plaza makes for a welcoming feel. All Mexican towns have a Plaza and Zamora is no exception. Usually they are the town's meeting place and the local governments put on various displays and functions there. If you're looking for a pleasant way to relax, you go to the center of town, sit and people-watch or perhaps have an ice cream.

Vendors sell colorful trinkets along side well-stocked stores in beautifully maintained buildings. During holidays these town centers are decorated and many times have music and live bands drawing large audiences. The sales people take advantage of the crowds drawn to the activities to hawk their wares. An enviable location for businesses, restaurants normally line the plaza square.

The old-time Spanish architecture with pink stones against the whitewashed paint is very attractive. We had lunch at a little shop looking out on this fountain and the mellow atmosphere of the locals.

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