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There is a bus/train station within walking distance from the Old Town, and an airport outside of the city.

Zadar Airport IATA. ZAD. ICAO. LDZD operates as a commercial airport and air force training base. In 2012, they served around 370 000 passengers on nearly 4000 flights.[1]

There is an evening flight from Zagreb. During the summer seasons there are also various tourist flights from several European cities.

Airport buses run to the central bus station/train station and the Old Town, from Zadar airport terminal. They depart in conjunction with arriving flights, see airport bus schedule for details, and therefore they will run more frequently during weekdays than weekends, as more flights are arriving at the airport. The buses are clean, comfortable and efficient, costs 25 kuna, and there are no baggage fees. The journey takes 20-25 minutes.

The Zadar bus terminal is located at the intersection of Ulica Ante Starčevića and Ulica kralja Tvrtka (lat/long 44.106185,15.241016), right next to the train station.

Frequent buses run to and from Zagreb (3h 30 min), Rijeka (change for Trieste in Italy ), Pula. Sibenik. Split and on to Dubrovnik. About half the buses for Zagreb pass through the stunning Plitvice National Park. There is an online timetable for the bus station (☎ +385 23 211555, ☎ +385 23 315 940). If you can't find a suitable bus there, search the online timetable maintained by the bus station in Zagreb (pay per minute numbers ☎ 060 313 333, ☎ +385 1 6112 789), as not all companies have been represented on both sites.

  • Autotrans/Eurolines Croatia. Departs to several destinations in Croatia, as well as abroad.
  • Contus. (link down 2013-06-06) ☎ +385 23 314 477, ☎ +385 23 317 062
  • Touring Eurolines Germany. connects Zadar with several German cities.
  • Čazmatrans. In the season daily buses to Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina .
  • Croatia Bus. Several buses daily, stopping in Zadar on the way between Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.

To get from the inter-city bus station (and train station) into the center of Zadar, or the old town, a local bus stop is located on the main road just outside the station. Bus (costs 10 Kuna) number 2 or 4 will take you directly there, the journey is only five minutes. Taxis (costs 20-40 Kuna, ask first) will also be waiting, however, be advised they have a reputation for ripping off tourists, charging much more than the officially posted rate (as much as five times higher). Do the world a favor and catch public transport or walk - walking will take you about 10-20 minutes dependent upon your location in the Old Town.

The train station is located at the intersection of Ulica Ante Starčevića and Ulica Ante Starčevića (lat/long 44.106647,15.241961), right next to the inter-city bus station.

A few slow trains a day run to Knin and connect into trains for Zagreb (5,5 hours or 8,5 with overnight trains) and Split (3.5 hr). Virtually nobody uses this train to get to these cities. Train to Knin is one carriage long with no A/C and can be quite uncomfortable, however the scenery is beautiful and will leave you in wonder at the numerous stations which appear to be in the middle of nowhere. Check the online timetable at HŽ Putnički prijevoz (2013-06-09, searching for routes only works in the Croatian language version of the site, not the English).

  • Jadrolinja [2]. Large ferries run every few days up and down the coast between Dubrovnik and Rijeka. stopping off at ports (including Zadar) and islands on the way. They also run almost daily ferries in summer to and from Ancona in Italy .
  • Local boats. Zadar is also a hub for local boats and hydrofoils in Northern Dalmatia. Services run to and from Olib. Mali Losinj. Ugljan. Dugi Otok. Premuda and others. Timetables and prices are available online from Adrialines [3] .

Note that many boats now arrive and depart from the "new" ferry terminal, around 5kms from the old town. A public bus is available, inquire at the Jadrolinja office in the old town. Taxi fare was quoted at 80 Kuna (tourist prices).

  • Rent a Car NOVA Zadar Airport - in terminal. Zadar Airport Zemunik. ☎ +385 98293 348 ( ), [4]. Quality car rental, transfers and chauffer drive with low prices.Offices in all major Croatian cities and airports.  edit
  • Avax Zadar [5] Low cost car hire at Zadar Airport/Downtown. ☎ +385 99 342 3001.
  • Taxi Zadar [6] Taxi Service Zadar. ☎ +385 91 472 8801.

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