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Description: "Саянское Кольцо" - ведущий туроператор внутреннего и въездного туризма по Красноярскому краю, Республики Хакасия и Тува

Yeniseysk is one of the most ancient Siberian towns. The town's past is closely connected to the history of Eastern Siberia's and Russia's uniting. Yeniseysk was founded in 1619 by Cossacks as a military fortress on the left bank of the river Yenisei. During 150 years this town was the main gates to the Eastern Siberia and "the father" of all Siberian towns.

Yeniseysk was the capital of a big region until 18 th century. The town quickly spread its influence on the vast territories along Yenisei, Angara and Lena rivers and began to take tribute from ket and tungus tribes. Fur treasures attracted here a lot of merchants and manufacturers. The sable became the symbol of Yeniseysk. It is depicted on the coat of arms of the town since 1635.

In 2019 Yeniseysk will celebrate its 400 anniversary. But the town still impresses everyone with its old architectural look. There are more than 110 objects of cultural inheritance on the territory of Yeniseysk. Approximately 30 of them are Russian inheritance.

The merchants successfully traded with the northern districts of Turuhansk region via Yeniseysk. The town was for Bering's Great northern expedition. Admiral Makarov and a Norway researcher Nansen have also visited this land. The expedition of the Yeniseysk merchant Funtusov gave start to the construction of the grandiose engineering thought monument - the Ob-Yeniseisky channel.

In the end of XVII century Yeniseysk became the center of Siberian icon art. Two of ten Siberian monasteries are situated here.

Nowadays the population of the town is 20000 people. As there is no developed industrial sector in Yeniseysk, the main industrial activity is timbering, tourism and budget sphere. There are 8 schools and 6 kindergartens in the town. There are also a professional and a pedagogical college.

The guests of the town are surprised by the absence of high buildings. The majority of the houses are not higher than 3 floors. But nevertheless Yeniseysk managed to preserve unique merchant's atmosphere.

Since the town's regulation of 1785 the famous August fair was held more than 120 times. During the fair the citizens of Yeniseysk enjoyed art exhibitions, side-shows and dainties. Merchants made successful deals. The tradition to hold the fair is reborn at our time. It is organized annually on the 4 th of August. The content of the fair is close to that of ancient times.

Tourism has become one of the major parts of Yeniseysk's life. Interesting excursions such as "Yeniseysk - the cultural and trade centre of the Eastern Siberia of XVII-XVIII centuries", "Orthodox Yeniseysk", "Let's revive the way of Nansen", "Creative people of the Yeniseysk land" attract a lot of tourists.

The pearl of the town's tourism sphere is the Yeniseysk regional museum. Its old ethnographic collection which includes kets' life description, the second in world portrait of Ermak, the first publication of "Protopop Avaakum's life" and other unique objects strikes your imagination. The town's exhibition hall possesses a great collection of amateur and professional artists' paintings.

One of Yeniseysk's citizens Petr Drozdov organized an amazing museum in an old house of the XIX century. Every visitor of this museum can work in a smithy, chop firewood or stoke up a banya. There is also a collection of different weights and old cards of Yeniseysk.

All the above mentioned places are visited during excursions around Yeniseysk. The developed transport system allows the town to be a tourist zone of regional importance and to be included in the program for tourists who travel along the Transsib .

The surrounding territory of Yeniseysk is also attractive for tourists. If you have never travelled along Yenisei river on a ship, you should definitely do it. You will certainly love the river, the picturesque views of its banks. You will pass the difficult Kazachinsky and Osinovsky rapids, the place where Angara joins Yenisei. Local lakes are also worth visiting. Plotbishenskoe lake is famous for its healing power, Monastyrskoe lake is full of mysteries and legends.

Another recreational place is a tourist center "Rybnaya zaimka" where you can have rest in the lap of nature, organize a picnic or go fishing. And with the availability of a number of Cheap flights from JetAbroad. coming to this place is really easy.

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Yeniseysk in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and ...
Yeniseysk in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and ...
Yeniseysk in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and ...

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Yeniseysk in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and ...
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