Yekepa Liberia

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Description: Online community for people who once lived in Yekepa/Nimba or Buchanan or worked for Lamco in Liberia.

If you were there, we need your help - we want to collect pictures and information about the place, and about the people - then and now.

August 2014: Dick "Fytas" Johansson has written a book, a novel - "Guld och Grцna Skogar och ett berg av Jдrn". It draws many strings together for the story in Liberia. I am still reading it - so far it is looking very good! The book can be ordered here:

February 2014: Try this motorcycle ride from Area E, past E-school, past area R and up the Hill to the swimming pool - thanks to Jonathan Korli of Yekepa: link

May 2013: Book on Liberian English by John-Mark Sheppard "Cracking the Code", is interesting. He lived in Nimba County. Note our own items on Liberian speech. Class picture from 1966, E-school - 9th grade. Thanks to Dick Johansson.

September 2012: Another issue of LAMCO News scanned. Contains interesting article on Nature conservacy in Nimba.

June 2012: More images from Dick Johanson added. Please help us identify people! Write to us on this link. Check back often - there are many images and it takes time to add each one! Work in progress: all links may not work yet. Test of alternative setup: E-school pictures. All of Dick Johanson's image here. The setup is experimental (includes commercials because the software used is free).

April 2012: Hoping to get the site up and running from Ubuntu (working on it!). Dick Johansson ('Fytas') has sent some images.

Photogallery Yekepa Liberia:

Yekepa 2008
Yekepa Nimba County Liberia | Photos Liberia
21 Ever present Communication Tower along Ganta Yekepa Main Road

Photos from the Liberia Fashion Show | Amani ya Juu
01 Yekepa Center 2008
Kenya / Liberia - Doug Hammer Photography

Photos from the Liberia Fashion Show | Amani ya Juu
37 Banana Selling Girl
Yekepa 2008

SJK Postvagnen - LAMCO bilder minnen efterfrågas
Ignite Liberia News - Ignite Online
Juju Films - Liberia, the Secret War •

Iron ore mine in Yekepa – ArcelorMittal
Iron ore mine in Yekepa – ArcelorMittal
21 Yekepa Luthern Church