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Yantai is a small sleepy port city on the Shandong coast that to this day still retains some of its colonial charm. The city is fairly small but there is a bustling development zone and large container and shipbuilding ports. There are a number of western expats working here on the docks and teaching English.

Yantai is home to Yantai Raffles (in Chinese: 烟台莱福士船厂) (Coordinates: 37°35′48″ N,121°23′39″E), which owns the largest ship building crane in the world, towering over the eastern edge of the T shaped peninsula. Yantai is known for tasty fruit, especially cherries, apples, peaches and pears and is also the home of Changyu Wines.

The seaside is home to a promenade for walking or relaxing. Among the seaside attractions is a great water, light and sound show: nightly at the promenade. It is definitely worth seeing.

International flights to Seoul, Osaka and Hong Kong are available. Domestic flights connect Yantai with more than 20 major cities in China, such as Beijing (daily, 1 hour), Harbin (daily, 2 hours), Jinan, (daily, 35 minutes), Shenyang, (daily, 2 hours), Ningbo (daily, 1.5 Hours), Dalian (daily, 45 minutes) Chengdu (4 hours), Guangzhou (3 hours), Kunming (4 hours), Shanghai (daily, 1.5 hours), Shenzhen (3 hours), Wuhan (daily, 2 hours) and Xi'an (2 hours). The airport is 15 kilometres (9 mi) south of the city. An airport shuttle bus (¥10) is available at No.6, Dahaiyang Lu. A taxi ride to Laishan or downtown can cost you about ¥60.

Yantai is easily accessible from Jinan and Qingdao with frequent trains daily. But rail transport may be inconvenient if you travel long-distance, as there are no direct or fast trains. Sometimes you need to transit at Jinan.

The Yantai-Weifang (272 km/169 mi), Yantai-Qingdao (276 km/172 mi) and Yantai-Weihai (86 km/53 mi) high quality superhighways have been put into service. Minibuses run between Yantai and nearby cities, such as Qingdao (3.5 hours) and Weihai (1.5 hours). The long distance bus station is southwest of the railway station on Qingnian Lu.

There are seven slow boat departures daily to Dalian at the ferry terminal. A third class bed costs ¥114-160 and the journey takes 8 hours. An alternative fast boat (four departures daily) which takes only 3.5 hours at ¥170. There are also boats to Tianjin, but only in the summer. Several Korean ports can be reached by boat which takes approximately 16 hours, including Incheon (Mo-We-Fr 19:00, Tu-Th-Sa 10:30). Japan can be reached by boat which takes approximately 30 hours, Kobe (Tuesday, noon).

City transport: There are about 30 public bus lines in service. Bus Line No.10 and 17 are by far the most useful for travelers for sight seeing purposes. No. 10 goes from the railway station, then passes Nan Dajie and turns east down the coast. No. 17 goes from the railway station to the coast and all the way to the municipal government in newly-developed Laishan District. Taxi is a good means of going places with a flagfall fare of ¥8 (Although many taxis still have ¥7 posted). A 30-minute of taxi ride would probably cost you around ¥30.

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