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Description: Снимайте жилье у людей из Yame от 798р/сутки. Найдите уникальное жилье у местных хозяев в 190 странах. С Airbnb весь мир — ваш дом.

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"Oen" is woody floor room for take tea and enjoy view of garden next to " Ozashiki" = big tatami room.

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★Renewal room 11/2015 ★2 bedrooms and 4 beds - sleeps 8 people maximum. ★66.81㎡ Bigroom ★Nishitetsu Kurume Sta. 1 min walk. ★西鉄久留米駅 徒歩1分 ★中国欢迎、台湾欢迎、自己做饭 ★日本人歓迎、素泊まり可能、自炊可能

8人では少し窮屈な場合があります。 - Kitchen (includes, electric stove, electric kettle, mini refrigerator, basic cooking utensils, dishes, glass, silverware and chopsticks ) - Bath room (includes hot shower, hairdryer, bodysoap, two-in-one shampoo and basic toiletries) - Coolin.

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Yame - Yame japan 200cc Sports motor bike
Yame - Yame japan 200cc Sports motor bike

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Honda - Honda Africa Twin, Origin JAPAN.