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Wakkanai's tiny airport (IATA. WKJ. ICAO. RJCW. [2] ), 10 km (6 mi) southeast of the city, fields regular flights to Sapporo and Tokyo (Haneda), with additional summer-only services to Nagoya and Kansai. All flights to the airport are operated by ANA - All Nippon Airways [3]. The airport is 20 minutes away from Wakkanai station by bus.

The JR Soya Honsen line connects Wakkanai to Asahikawa. There are two stations within the city limits, Wakkanai itself (station code W80) as well as Minami-Wakkanai (W79) to the south.

Three daily Super Soya and Sarobetsu Limited Express trains make direct runs from Sapporo in 5-6 hours, at a hefty price (

Several buses operated by Soya Bus [4] run between Wakkanai and Sapporo daily: the journey takes around 6 hours and costs ¥6000, advance ticket purchase or reservation is (at least in theory) necessary, call +81 011 241-0241 (Sapporo) or +81 0162 22-3114 (Wakkanai) to make your reservation - alternatively, the office and departure point is located within Wakkanai JR Station on the corner next to the convinience store. One of the departures is a red-eye service, which might be a useful way to save some money if you're one of those who can sleep anywhere, the service arrives Sapporo at 5:30am at the JR Station where you can cool your heels (or warm them as the case may be) until your next departure. There is also a single daily round trip to Asahikawa. Keep in mind that while this is a cheap and convenient option in summer, during the winter suspension or delays are commonplace, and snowstorms frequently close the highway altogether.

The spanking new ferry terminal, directly east of the train station, hosts frequent (in summer) connections to the National Park islands of Rebun and Rishiri ; there are also a few shops and restaurants and a tourist information desk in the building. Right across from this terminal is the International Ferry terminal with biweekly departures for Korsakov. on Sakhalin Island. Journey time is 5.5 hours, and one way tickets start at ¥24,000. Note that a Russian visa is required to buy tickets bound for Russia. Also be aware that you MUST arrive at least two days prior to departure so that you may purchase a ticket. You will NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket the same day as ferry departure. To purchase a seat on the ferry to Russia follow these instructions:

2. Walk up to the front desk and ask for an English speaker. In summer 2010, a male supervisor was able to speak broken English.

3. Just tell the customer service rep that you'd like to purchase a ticket for the ferry to Russia; also give them your passport. They will have you fill out a paper which is the request for a ticket to Russia. This will be sent over to their offices on Yuzhno and you'll then be able to arrive two days later to pick up your ticket. (Note: This may be able to be done over phone or e-mail. At my time of visit, I was unable to get in contact with them via land-line.)

Alternatively, you can have a Japanese speaker call and ask for availability. You will then fill out and fax an application form to 011-233-2783 or 0162-23-6730. They will then fax back a confirmation form, which is in Japanese and English.

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