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Description: punjabi wadi recipe. how to make punjabi wadi or punjabi wadiyan. we make the punjabi wadi chawal or rice. the vadis are also added to potatoes to make the aloo wadi sabzi

as i had previously mentioned in my sun dried potato chips post that the punjabi wadi or wadiyan as we call them…. these travelled all the way from delhi to coimbatore and then to goa.

my sweet mil had made these wadis back home and brought them especially for me since i love these so much. so whenever my in-laws come to meet us, they always get homemade or readymade punjabi wadis for us.

for those who do not know, basically wadis are spiced & sun dried dumplings made from ground lentils.

they are meaty in texture as well as in taste…. though not exactly tasting like meat… but a little close… these dumplings are also a great substitute for meat and even the not so healthy soy chunks that we get in india.

plus they are vegan as well as gluten free. you can add them to veggies, rice… even soups, pasta or noodles. they can also be fried and served as a side dish. they soak up the sauce or gravy in which they are cooked and yet retain their texture, flavor & taste.

i believe it is still sunshine in north india and thats the reason i am posting this recipe. generally these wadis are made in the winters when fresh green chickpeas also called as cholia in punjabi hits the market.

we make the wadis with fresh green chickpeas/hara chana, moong dal or urad dal. either use moong dal/skinned mung beans or urad dal/skinned black gram when making the wadis in combination with the green chickpeas.

july is not the season for fresh choliya. so now if you have to make the vadis, just make them with dried green chickpeas. or you can just skip adding the green chana. just make the vadis with moong or urad dal.

i have seen how my mil would spent so much time peeling the green chickpea pods still attached to the fresh green bunch, and then making the wadis. in fact i used to help her in making the wadi mixture and then sun drying the vadis.

oh yes and i do have memories of peeling the chickpea pods with my family back home. we would sit together and remove the chickpeas. later mom would just boil the fresh chickpeas and have these sprinkled with some salt and chili powder. a warm & comforting snack in the mumbai winters.

we make the punjabi wadi chawal or rice . the vadis are also added to potatoes to make the aloo wadi sabzi .

at home i generally add the wadis to lauki /bottle gourd and make the famous punjabi dish of lauki wadiyan and the mooli wadi sabzi  (radish & wadi sauted together) .

in the lauki wadi sabzi , the spiced wadiyan balances the bland lauki and it seems that this combo is made for each other. below is the pic of this dish – a recipe which i have already posted.

another point – since this is a homemade recipe – mil adds whole cloves to the wadiyan mixture. so when you are eating the wadi and not careful, you will bite into the cloves and get a not so good strong astringent taste of the cloves in your mouth. so to avoid this, i suggest you to add clove powder to the wadiyan .

if you live in a place where you don’t get enough sun, then too you can make the wadis by oven drying them. please check the notes section below on how to make oven dried punjabi wadis.

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