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First attested in 1137, Velsk regularly suffered from inundations before it was moved to a higher spot in the 16th century. It was known as a pogost before 1555, as a posad between 1555 and 1780, whereupon it was incorporated as a town of Vologda Viceroyalty. [ 8 ] Velsk developed as a merchant town, having profited from its location on the Vaga and late on the road connecting Moscow and Arkhangelsk (which in 17th century was the only major trade harbor in European Russia). Trade fairs were held in Velsk, the most important one was St. Athanasius Trade Fair.

In 1796, Velsky Uyezd was transferred to Vologda Governorate and remained there until 1929, when several governorates were merged into Northern Krai. On July 15, 1929 the uyezds were abolished, and Velsk became the administrative center of Velsky District, part of Nyandoma Okrug of Northern Krai. In 1936, the krai was transformed into Northern Oblast. and in 1937, Northern Oblast was split into Arkhangelsk Oblast and Vologda Oblast.

The economy is dominated by timber industry. Vaga was used for timber rafting until 1990s. Food production is also present. [ 9 ]

Velsk is located on one of the principal highways in Russia, M8 connecting Moscow and Arkhangelsk. The secondary roads east to Oktyabrsky and west to Konosha branch off in Velsk.

Velsk has a railway station (since 1942) on the railroad connecting Konosha and Kotlas which eventually continues to Vorkuta .

Velsk Airport was active for passenger service [ 10 ] till 1990s, then not used for 20 years. In 2011, after a long break, a helicopter was tanked in Velsk. There are plans to use it for the forest patrol aviation .

The historical center of Velsk, though lost many of historical buildings, preserved the town plan from 1780 and is regarded as a historically preserved area. In particular, Velsk contains nineteen objects classified as cultural and historical heritage of local importance, [ 11 ] most of them being former merchant houses. The following objects are on the list:

  • The whole architectural ensemble of Velsk
  • Salnikov House (end of 19th-beginning of 20th century)
  • Istomakhin House (1888)
  • Shelovanova House (end of 19th-beginning of 20th century)
  • Gorbunova House (1880)
  • Orlov House (1885)
  • Kotutin House (1902)
  • Living House (end of 19th-beginning of 20th century)
  • Trading House (end of 19th-beginning of 20th century)
  • The Transfiguration Cathedral (1898–1913)
  • A house (Dzerzhinsky street, 46)
  • A house (Dzerzhinsky street, 49)
  • The Assumption Church (wooden, 1795–1796)
  • A house (Komsomolskaya street, 4)
  • The ensemble of the Lenin square, including the Popov house and a trading house
  • The prison church
  • The monument to the Civil War victims

In Velsk, there are five high schools, three high professional schools, two colleges (Velsk Agriculture College and Velsk College of Economics), and four high education schools associated with the universities located elsewhere. [ 13 ]

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