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Description: ORHAN has a very good relationship with all the NGOO working in the district through NGO consortium of Vavuniya district. It has built a close relationship with

ORHAN has a very good relationship with all the NGOO working in the district through NGO consortium of Vavuniya district. It has built a close relationship with other Governmental and Non – governmental organizations since the time of its operation in the district of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka and abroad:

  • As a grass root level organization, it has the link with all the Grama Sevake Niladharis in the GS divisions of the Vavuniya district. Our volunteers and the Community based Rehabilitation Committee members having direct contacts through the monthly meetings held in their divisions.
  • The Government Agent, Additional government agent of Kachchery, Divisional Secretaries from all 4 divisions having contacts through the meetings held in their division and other essential meetings called for.
  • Zonal Education office, Health Department, Regional Director of Health Services. (RDHS), Director of Planning, Kachchery, Social Services Department, Labor department and Housing department are some of government institutions having co-ordination and collaboration with ORHAN.
  • The relationship between Non – governmental organizations is a significant one having direct and indirect associations considerably helped   to build its self -image and capacity and have increased the project activities and programs.
  1. CARE International was the 1st organization to have partnership with ORHAN to implement the project.
  2. DRC was also one of the organizations helped ORHAN.
  3. Some charity organizations such as Ramakirishna mission, Canaan peace prayer mission & Pattakannu Foundation had extended their excellent support to strengthened ORHAN in the past.
  4. FORUT assisted with a 6 years project to run CBR in all four DS divisions in Vavuniya district and there after assisted to CBR sensitization program and ORHAN sports meet 2005.
  5. ORHAN Sri Lanka UK, SCOT( UK) MIOT ( UK) DIOGAN BURDEN GERMANY. St.John passed People Association UK and STA Switzerland supported ORHAN to run the training centre for Mentally Challenged Children in 2009.
  6. SHIA Foundation assisted to implement Tsunami rehabilitation program in the north.
  7. SCISL has helped ORHAN focusing the children with disabilities and the early prevention of disabilities.
  8. GTZ FLICT is a Reputed INGO funding ORHAN to implement its peace programs.
  9. WUSC has strengthened the Vocational Training program for the youth and constructed a permanent Vocational Training Center for ORHAN with human resource capacity building.
  10. Solider Sri Lanka and their collaborators – Norwegian people’s Aid, SAH has helped ORHAN to implement the ORHAN’s Sports meet 2006. It provided a bus for the transportation of the Training Center for Mentally Challenged Children run by ORHAN. Building of this center was also donated by Solidar.
  11. Handicapped International assisted various projects and programs of ORHAN as specially ORHAN sports meet 2008.
  12. UNICEF is a child focused UN agency has assisted the Disabled Rights and awareness programs.
  13. WFP work with ORHAN to assist its project of food relief and home gardening.
  14. UNHCR had the partnership to implement the project of “Renovation of the court complex in Vavuniya to facilitate access to persons with disabilities” and ORHAN sports meet 2007 through Solider.
  15. SHADE has built a close relationship through their psycho-social program.
  16. SEED having close partnership with ORHAN in all issues related with disabilities.
  17. CHA Assisted ORHAN to provided Educational support to children with disabilities attending main stream school in 2008.
  18. AJWS an American based done began to fund CBR programme of ORHAN and capacity building of the staff.
  19. AJWS an American based donor began to fund CBR programme of ORHAN capacity building of the staff of ORHAN an emergency Relief support for IDPs from 2009.
  20. IOM also one of the donors Co-operation with ORHAN to implement Vocational training in leather product.
  21. Stuf Tung Tamils Aid (STA ) Switzerland came forward to entrenth it marvelous helping hands to support IDPs through Nutrition programme education programme and partly contribution to training centre for mentally challenged children.
  22. UNDP another UN agency funded ORHAN to conduct ORHAN Sport meet 2009.
  23. Play therapy through play shops for disable children programme was funded by CIDA in 2009.
  24. ZOA funded to implement another emergency Relift Support programme in IDP camps in 2009.

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