Valencia Venezuela

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VLN-Valencia International Airport Arturo Michelena. Take taxi to any hotel. Airport has car rentals counters as well (Hertz and National.)

CCS-Maiquetia International Airport (Biggest Airport in Venezuela just outside of Caracas), then drive 2+ hours west in Autopista Regional del Centro( 220km aprox). This is the main highway connecting the two cities. Some portion tolls.

There are bus connections from Caracas. Barquisimeto. Mérida and Maracaibo. The main bus terminal is located in the Big Low Centre, a popular shopping center to the Northeast of Valencia and close to the San Diego region. Travelers need to take another bus or taxi to go from there to the city of Valencia.

Buses, taxis. Be aware of bus routes, they can be confusing and are not announced. Taxis can be taken anywhere. Underground Metro is under construction and there are some stations already opened.

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