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Description: Vadnagar is a major city which falls under the municipality of Mehsana district in Gujarat. Located at an average elevation of 143 metres this is mainly known for its historical traditions and

Vadnagar is a major city which falls under the municipality of Mehsana district in Gujarat. Located at an average elevation of 143 metres this is mainly known for its historical traditions and cultural heritage. Vadnagar is one of the ancient cities which can be traced back to the age of Mahabharata. This ancient city was referred as Anartpur in the epic.

Vadnagar has been a major educational centre in ancient India. According to the legends the city was mainly known for Jain Muni named Bhadrababu who was the author of Kalpa sutra. This place is also known for Tara and Riri the two sisters who sang Raga Malhar and created conditions to relieve the great singer Tansen from the effect of Deepak Raga that caused fire everywhere. Also the city of Vadnagar was known as the ancient capital of Gujarat which was mainly known for its majestic fort with six huge gates. These gates were known as Arjun, Bari, Nadiol, Amarthol, Ghaskol and Pithori in which Amarthol gate is the oldest existing part of the town. With its majestic structure and massive gates this fort stood besides the ancient Kapila River that used to flow along the fort.

Besides this the place is also known for the Gogda Pathan who travelled all the way from Delhi after a dispute with the Mughal Emperor. Alongwith him a number of Pathans landed up in the city who later on served in the police force in Gujarat. Situated at a distance of 112 kms from Ahmedabad and 34 kms from Mehsana district of Gujarat this attracts the visitors to the ancient sites and historical monuments which depict the legend of the place. Surrounded with a number of ancient Wells, Temples, Vavs or stepped wells and Giant gates this is on of the ancient sites of Indian history. Vadnagar has been referred with a number of names While it was commonly known as Chamatkar nagar in 'Sat - yug'. it has also been referred as "Anandpur and Snehpur" in Treta-Yuga and "Vimalpur" in Dwapara Yuga. The place has been referred as Chamatkarnagar after the legend of king Chamatkar who used to reside in the city.

Vadnagar includes a number of temples which are mainly dedicated to all the Hindu gods and goddesses. There are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Chhabila, Hanuman, Ashapuri Mata, Ambaji Mata, Vishnupuri and Gaurikund. Among the shrines of Lord Shiva the most important temple is the 15th century temple of 'Hatkeswar Mahadev'. It is the family deity of the Nagar Brahmin. Facing the east this temple is well known for its architecture. This temple is surrounded with high walls, surmounted with three large circular domes. The roof of the sanctum then rises to the pinnacle which stations one of the ancient Swayambhu Shivalingam of ancient India. The exterior of the temple is well decorated with the fine figures of the nine planets and regent deities, the chief gods of the Hindu pantheon, scenes from the life of Lord Krishna and Pandava princes, besides the varied animal and floral motifs. The temple also has an older Swaminarayan Temples (one for male and one for females). goddess Ashapuri temple (Shaktipith), goddess Bhuvaneshpuri Temple, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Daaneshwar Mahadev Temple, two Jain Derasars and Vishnupuri Temple in which it is believed that Lord Vishnu himself had stepped in.

Alongwith other shrines the place also includes the Sitla mata temple which has been renovated twice and thrice. Ornately carved with fine figures of celestial beings this is one of the well decorated temples of the Gujarat. The doorframe and ceiling is decorated with the sculptures of Rasalila of Shri Krishna which is most artistic piece of Vadnagar. The place also includes two magnificent kriti stambas which are built with red sandstone in identical shape and size. The pillars and arches are decorated with the some of the most artistic geometric figures and floral designs like leaves, creepers, lotus, animal motifs, human figures which are engaged in various activities and divine figures in different poses. Along with the images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Kartikeya these are some of the well built temples of India.

Thus known for a number of historical sites and ancient temples along with the temple of Hatkeswar Mahadev and Lake Sharmishtha this is an important tourist spot of Gujarat.

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