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Uji is one of the oldest cities in Japan. Located between the two ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto. its roots reach almost as deep into Japanese history as its those of its two famous neighbors. Uji was the scene of many famous ancient stories, including the final chapters of The Tale of Genji. Author Alex Kerr extols its virtues in his book Lost Japan. contrasting Uji favorably with Kyoto as a (rare) example of a historic Japanese city whose modern development has not disrupted its classical beauty. There are stores that have been open for hundreds of years, and several important temples lay within its borders. The city has also been celebrated for its tea for almost a thousand years. During cherry blossom season, the bridge that spans the Uji river makes for a breathtaking walk.

Uji is on the JR Nara Line. From Kyoto Station, it takes about 17 minutes via rapid train, or about 27 minutes via local, at a cost of ¥230. It can also be reached on the Keihan Uji line.

The Sankyu-an shopping street, leading from the Uji Bridge toward Byodo-in, features several old stores with the city's famous tea and pottery.

Local specialties centre around green tea (naturally) and Kyoto cuisine. Some of what you'll find in town:

  • Cha-soba made by mixing green tea with regular soba noodles. There are also cha-udon restaurants.
  • Green-tea flavoured ice cream, including the ubiquitous soft-serve cones.
  • Green-tea flavoured dango. often served as the sweet included with matcha service.
  • Kyoto cuisine, including yuba, kaiseki-ryori, etc.
  • Rengecha-yo is near the front gate of Byodo-in, near the end of Renge, Uji's main shopping street. No English is spoken by the staff, but English menus are available. Despite having two floors, it gets crowded in the early afternoon; as a result, the wait can be a bit long, but the food is excellent. Expect to pay ¥700 for a bowl of noodles with some tempura, ¥1500 for a filling set with a variety of noodles and tempura, and ¥3400 for a seafood blowout set.
  • There is an excellent noodle shop directly across from the JR Uji station. (Look for the flashing light in front) It is both cheap and tasty. Try the "champon".

Green tea. Uji produces the most famous (and the most expensive) tea in Japan. Otherwise, it's not long on nightlife.

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