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Takaoka is located on the JR West Hokuriku Main Line. Its location between Toyama and Kanazawa means that a high number of limited express trains stop here every day. You can reach Toyama by local train in 20 minutes (¥320); limited express trains are slightly faster and more expensive, but with a Japan Rail Pass you can simply hop into a non-reserved car to make the short journey at no charge. The trip to Kanazawa takes 40 minutes (¥740); limited express trains make the run in about 25 minutes.

From Tokyo. take the Joetsu Shinkansen to Echigo-Yuzawa and change to the Hakutaka limited express to Takaoka. The journey takes 2 1/2 hours at a cost of ¥12000. Japan Rail Pass holders must pay ¥1450 for the portion of the trip between Echigo-Yuzawa and Naoetsu, operated by Hokuetsu Railway. JR East Rail Pass do not have to pay the Hokuetsu fare, but must pay the ¥3500 fare to continue from Naoetsu to Takaoka over JR West territory.

From Osaka and Kyoto. take the Thunderbird limited express train to Takaoka. The trip takes 3 hours from Osaka and 2 1/2 hours from Kyoto (¥8300 and ¥7400, respectively).

Takaoka is a stop on the Twilight Express overnight train from Sapporo, and the Nihonkai overnight service from Aomori.

Fushiki-Toyama Port (伏木富山港 Fushiki-toyama-kō ) is located a fair distance from central Takaoka. From the port, it's a ten-minute walk to JR Fushiki station, three stops away from Takaoka on the JR Himi Line (氷見線) — which, incidentally, means "Ice-Watching Line". While JR Rail Passes are valid for this trip, beware that if you're entering Japan this way, the passes cannot be validated at Fushiki station; the nearest station that officially accepts them is Kanazawa, over 100 km away.

The Far East Shipping Company [1]. represented in Japan by Bisintour [2]. has services roughly once a week between Takaoka and Vladivostok. Russia. The ferry crossing takes two nights and one day, leaving around 6 PM and arriving around 9 AM both ways. Fares start from US$360/person sharing a 4-berth cabin, with meals. Students can travel for US$330, while return tickets are US$600.

station list
  • JR Hokuriku Railroad
    • 北陸本線(Hokuriku Line):(越中福岡(Ettyu-Fukuoka) - 西高岡(Nishi-Takaoka) - 越中高岡(Ettyu-Takaoka)
    • 羽高線(Ukou Line):(越中高岡(Ettyu-Takaoka) - 越中中川(Ettyu-Nakagawa) - 能町(Noumachi) - 伏木(Fushiki) - 越中国分(Ettyu-Kokubu) - 雨晴(Amaharashi)- (Hakui direction)
    • 城端線(Jouhana Line):(越中高岡(Ettyu-Takaoka) - 二塚(Futastuka) - 林(Hayashi) - 戸出(Toide) - Jouhana direction)
  • 高岡万葉電鉄(Takaoka Manyo Electric Railway)
    • 射水本線(Imizu Line):越中高岡駅前(Ettyu-Takaoka Front of the station) - 末広町(Hirosuemachi) - 片原町(Kataharacyou) - 坂下町(Sakashitacyou) - 本丸会館前(Honmarukaikanmae) - 広小路(Hirokouzi) - 志貴野中学校(Shikino-Cyugakko) - 高岡市民病院(Takaoka-Hospital) - 江尻(Eshiri) - 旭ヶ丘(Asahigaoka) - 荻布(Ogino) - 新能町(Shin-Noumachi) - 米島口(Yoneshimaguchi) - 能町口(Noumachiguchi) - 南吉久(Minami-Yoshihisa) - 吉久(Yoshihisa) - (Toyama direction)

The Man'yōsen Tram Line [3] trundles through town, starting at JR Takaoka station. Fares are ¥150-350 depending on the distance.

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