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Description: It should be noted that the pinyin name "Taishan" is also used to designate a famous mountain within China. This mountain is not related to Taishan City at all except that both share the same pinyin

It should be noted that the pinyin name "Taishan" is also used to designate a famous mountain within China. This mountain is not related to Taishan City at all except that both share the same pinyin name. However, its ideographic name and its Cantonese pronunciation "Taaisaan" are different. The mountain is located south of Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. The mountain was famous as a mountain of great spiritual significance; the sun was supposed to begin its westward journey across the sky from this mountain. Just south of the mountain is also the birthplace of the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius. Since there are currently some active websites that describe this mountain, both in Chinese and English, we will not go into much detail here.

Although many overseas Chinese have kept in touch with their native land and/or culture, many have also lost touch as Chinese immigrants start a new life in their new places. Most second-generation Chinese immigrants or after are probably unfamiliar with Chinese reading or writing. However, they can speak some Chinese (which was taught to the by their parents) and might know that their parents/grandparents come from Taishan. TAISHAN.COM hopes that this English version could help bridge the awareness gap between these immigrants and their homeland.

This English version of TAISHAN.COM addresses its website to two types of English-literate audiences:
  1. non-Chinese people who have an interest in learning about China and its culture, and
  2. Chinese people, particularly second-generation immigrants or after, who have a desire to learn more about their homeland.

Established in June 18, 2000, the taishan.com website currently has two versions, the Simplified Chinese version and an English version. This website is able to toggle to the appropriate language based on the user's operating system. Thus, if the user enters the address "taishan.com" and the user's system language is English, this website shall automatically redirect to "http://www.taishan.com/english/index.htm" which is the English version main page. This feature allows us to become a convenient portal site for both people here in China or elsewhere alike without wasting a main entrance page.

However, if you can read Simplified Chinese and you have GB fonts installed on your computer, we strongly encourage you to visit it because we have spent more time and energy in developing that section because of its larger audience. If you have a Windows PC, please refer to the Microsoft website for instructions on installing the fonts.

The Taishan government also maintains an "official" website which also has a lot of information about Taishan. However, their website is targeted more towards the local perspective. Their English version is http://www.tsinfo.com.cn/en/index.htm and Chinese version is http://www.tsinfo.com.cn. Wikipedia also has some information regarding Taishan.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see with TAISHAN.COM, please feel free to email jimmy@taishan.com. If you intend to visit Taishan in the next trip and you travel services such as hotel, transportation, or English services, you may also email jimmy@taishan.com.

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