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Saharsa (Bihar), Sept 14 (ANI): Flood victims in Saharsa District on Sunday prayed to lord Vishnu to tame river Kosi that has submerged large areas. Led. the Kosi river of eastern India is a tranquil stream that flows gently into river

Saharsa (Bihar) June 16 (ANI): A village in Bihar, ravaged by the 2008. Kumar, inaugurated the Sahpurmusahari village in Saharsa district on Monday. of India today. But for us to come up to this level there is a big contribution

Begusarai (Bihar), Aug 31 (ANI): Communist Party of India General Secretary A B Bardhan was on Sunday admitted to a hospital after falling sick on his way to flood ravaged Madhepura and Saharsa Districts of Bihar. Bardhan, 82

Saharsa (Bihar), Sep 4 (ANI): Authorities and self -help groups have stepped up relief work and set up community kitchens in flood-hit Saharsa district. of Bihar, who has been overseeing the setting relief camp in Saharsa district, said

Saharsa (Bihar), Sept 13 (ANI): Authorities in Saharsa district of Bihar are running relief camps where flood survivors engage themselves in activities like basket making, weaving and stitching to earn their livelihood. People who

Saharsa (Bihar), Sept 4 (ANI): Villagers of flood-affected areas in Bihar have. and have moved to neighbouring Saharsa District along with their livestock. livestock have taken shelter in a school premises in Saharsa. Lack of proper facilities

Patna, Aug. 19 (ANI): At least 35 people were killed in Bihar's Khagaria District when the Saharsa -Patna Rajrani Express ploughed into pilgrims at Dhamahra Ghat Railway Station on Monday morning.The victims, mostly pilgrims, were standing

Saharsa District, my memories went back to the year 1964 when I had my first glimpse. Officer. Govt of India. He may be contacted at (ANI

Monday morning when Saharsa -Patna Rajya Rani Express hit them at Dhamhara halt. on the Saharsa -Mansi rail route of the East Central Railway. "The accident. from a local train," he said. Bhamara station is located between Saharsa -Mansi

Saharsa (Bihar), Sept 12 (ANI) Unaware of the numerous relief camps run by the State Government, scores of flood victims still continue to languish on roadside. necessities, these people are struggling for existence, under the tents, in Saharsa

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