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Ramat Gan. (Hebrew: רמת גן ) (Translation:Garden height ) is a city in Israel. to the immediate east of Tel Aviv. which almost acts as an extension of it. Ramat Gan is an eclectic town famous for many things totally unrelated to each other including, diamonds, football, malls, chocolates, Iraqi restaurants, religious university, and there is even a full open space African Safari with Lions. Small green public gardens are plentiful and all streets are tree lined.

Ramat Gan was founded in 1921 as a moshav, a communal farming community. Over time the population grew as Tel Aviv sprawled and today, it has a population exceeding 135,000.

North Ramat Gan features a cluster of sparkling sky scrapers, which, at night, impresses you with a magnificent Manhattan-style skyline. There, you will find what is currently the tallest building in Israel (75 Floors), right next to the two sky scrapers comprising of the diamond stock exchange. This area, called the Boursa, turns at night into a sleazy collection of brothels and illegal casinos.

The rest of the city, just like its name, is residential with green gardens here and there. Some embassies (including the EU delegation) are located here, instead of Tel Aviv. A lot of political wheeling and dealing goes on at the Ramat Gan Sheraton City Towers, which is a preferred hang out for Likud Party primaries conferences.

In the North East, you will find the first successful shopping mall in Israel (Kanyon Ayalon) surrounded by huge outlets. Next to it, a shooting range ("Mitvach"), the biggest soccer stadium in the country, and the Ramat Gan National Park. On the other side of town, Bar Ilan University, a world famous institution combining modern studies with Rabbinical curriculum.

Ramat Gan is also associated with chocolates, as those passing by the "Elite" factory on Jabotinski Road would catch sweet whiffs of chocolate in the blending.

Last but not least, Ramat Gan is known as Baghdad Town. Most Jewish immigrants from Iraq settled here in the 50s and made Ramat Gan their home as a result, many Iraqi restaurants can be found here.

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