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Description: Ragusa is a town in Sicily . Italy that has managed to remain untouched and unaffected by the tourism in the region. Ragusa is a very unique town since it is aristocratic and grand as well as

Ragusa is a town in Sicily. Italy that has managed to remain untouched and unaffected by the tourism in the region. Ragusa is a very unique town since it is aristocratic and grand as well as urban and modernistic at the same time. The town is divided in two parts, the older Ragusa and the new Ragusa, both unique in their own way and totally different than each other. In 1693 Ragusa was devastated by an earthquake and when the residents had to rebuild their town there were divided opinions and that's where two groups formed and two separate Ragusa sections were built.

The Portale is situated in Via Normanni. The Portale is the doorway of an ancient church of San Giorgio that was built in the XIV century. The architecture is Gothic Catalan style, and quite unique in this region, a must visit for architecture lovers.

The Giardini Iblei is a large public garden that has three medieval churches on its grounds and has beautiful views of the valley of Irminio. The style of the garden and the churches is half English and part Italian and is quite an interesting place to visit and spend an afternoon relaxing in the gardens.

The archeology zone in Ragusa is a small but an interesting zone that has ancient Roman and Greek ruins. The Hallenistic Greek ruins date back to the 3 rd century BC while the Roman ruins in the archeology zone go back to as long as the 4 th century AD, an interesting place to learn about the history of Ragusa.

The church of Santa Maria dell'Itria is located on Via Scale. The church was built in the old Jewish quarter of Ragusa in the XIV century and one point it belonged to the knights of Malta. The architecture of the church is quite splendid and is well worth a visit.

The church of Santa Maria delle Scale dates back to the 8 th century. The church is quite large in size and there are three different chapels within the church that are built in the late Gothic style of architecture, unlike most churches in the region that have a Baroque style.

The Palazzo Bartini is an ancient palace that has been in Ragusa since centuries. The palace is built in the Baroque style of architecture and is intimidating in size; the interiors are all splendidly decorated.

The archeological museum in Ragusa is quite large and is divided in six sections according to the ages to which the findings belong like Greek, Roman, prehistoric, Siculis etc.

Ragusa has plenty of restaurants, small and big along with bars and cafes all around the city. Visitors can easily find a lot of places where they can sample traditional Sicilian and Italian food and also international cuisines and fast food. Some of the best places to get traditional Sicilian cooking in Ragusa are restaurant II Duomo, Da Candida, Cucina & Vino and La Battola. Most of the good pubs and bars are all located in the old town and in Marina di Ragusa.

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