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Qujing in Chinese Pronunciation: Click the button to learn how to say Qujing Mandarin Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to play it to a conductor when buying a train ticket to Qujing.

Qujing Overview: Qujing is a prefecture-level city in Yunnan Province. In the center of Yungui Plateau, in eastern Yunnan Province it borders Guizhou and Guangxi Province in the east, Kunming in the west, Wenshan City in the south, and Zhaotong city in the north. It has been regarded as the Pass into Yunnan Province”. It's located at the head of The Pearl River the third largest river in China. Qujing city covers an area of 28,900 square meters, 103 km from the east to west and 302 km from south to north. Qujing is the second largest city by population after Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan. Its population climbed to 6,030,400 by the end of 2000.

Qujing Climate & Weather: Qujing is at longitude and latitude 103°03 to 104°50' east, and 24°19 to 27°03' north. The terrain of the city is mainly of mountains and hills. The average altitude of Qujing is 2,000 meters with Guniuzhai (4017.3 meters) as the vertex. Due to the large altitude difference, Qujing enjoys a diverse climate. The main climate is subtropical highland monsoon, giving Quing a mild climate year round. The yearly average temperature is 14.5℃. While the best time to visit there is from March to October when many minority festivals and celebrations are held, Qujing is a popular tourist destination year round.

Qujing Transportation: Qujing lies about 167 kilometers to the west of Kunming City making it easy to visit either city.

By Train: There are two train routes passing through Qujing. One is the Guizhou to Kunming line. The other is the Nanning to Kunming line. Express trains run between Qujing and Kunming and take about 45 minutes.

By Bus: Buses originate at Dongju Passenger Transport Bus Station in Kunming and go Qujing. The trip takes about 3 hours. Buses run to other destinations from The Qujing Gaokuai Passenger Transport Bus Station at No. 65,Jiaotong Road, and Qujing Passenger Transport Bus Station No. 1, Jiaotong Road. Buses to Kunming depart every half hour. Buses also run to Dali.

Major Qujing Tourism Resources: Qujing is the birthplace of Cuan Culture. Main attractions here are the Jiulong Waterfall of Luoping also called the Nine Dragons Waterfall; Rape Flower Sea of Luoping, The head-stream of the Pearl River, Duoyi River of Luoping, Tiansheng Cave, formerly Xianren Dong and the Lubuge Mini Three Gorges.

Luoping is a small county of Qujing Perfecture, located at the apex of Yunnan, Guozhou, Guangxi Province. It is famous for its Rape Flowered terrace fields. The Rape Flower Tourism Festival here is held about the 21st February. Jinji Peak of Luoping is regarded the best place to enjoy wonderful views.

The Jiulong (Nine Dragon) Waterfall is also in Luoping. It group of falls is one of the six most beautiful waterfalls in China.

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