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Quimper. pronounced "kem-pair". is a town in northwestern France in the area we call Brittany. In France, the region is known as Bretagne; the Bretons have their own language and they call the region Briezh. Quimper is located in the western portion of Brittany and has been an active center of pottery production since the days when the region was part of the Roman Empire. By train, it is some 388 miles from Paris and serves today as the chief-lieu of the département of Finistère. This is akin to being the administrative capital of an American county.

We love Brittany! Centuries of tradition have left their mark on this delightful place and we believe that having a better understanding of the town and the people of Quimper. as well as the towns and the people of the entire region. will serve to further your enjoyment and understanding of vintage Quimper pottery. an art pottery that is also based on centuries of tradition!

From a nineteenth century Quimper plate, the crest of Bretagne. the region of northwestern France that we know as Brittany.

The people of Quimper. known as the Quimpérois. are of Celtic origin. The "founding fathers" of Brittany migrated from Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, settling into the area in the fifth and sixth century A.D. Brittany is one of the six Celtic nations. As noted above, the people of Brittany are called Bretons and their native language is not French, but rather Breton, a form of Gælic.

Early Bretons were quite insular, each hamlet almost a world into itself, and in many instances folks from neighboring villages spoke such differing dialects that they actually couldn't easily communicate with each other.

While Brittany officially became part of France in 1532, the Bretons retained their unique Celtic customs and, to put it mildly, did not easily assimilate into the French culture. This feeling of separation from "France Proper" was, and is, very strong. For example, Brittany voted after World War II to no longer be part of France, but the French government declined to accept the result. I mention this to explain why the Bretons do not necessarily see their pottery as being part of the "Country French" style. instead, it is uniquely their own.

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