Quilmes Argentina

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Description: Quilmes is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes / Grupo Bemberg in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 63 out of 100 with 230 reviews, ratings and opinions.

This must be the most readily available beer in Argentina, and it seems to me the quality control section is doing a really bad job.

Appearance: depends on which bottle you get. Sometimes muddy yellow, others crystal clear pale golden, at times almost orange. Some carbonation with a creamy head.

Smell: most of the times it has a strange creamy skunky odour that will be with you for a couple of days.

Taste: that same creamy skunk you smelled is what you taste. Sometimes it's more bitter, others lighter, at times tastes like a cheap cider, and one thing's for sure: you won't get rid of it unless you have something really strong to block it. The best solution it's drinking something very sweet.

Mouthfeel: it's an ugly taste. I pretend to write a serious review about this, but this beer it's almost a joke. It's harsh, skunky, unpleasant most of the times. If it warms up a bit, you're lost.

Overall: being polite, it's a bad beer. It's one of the cheapest too, but doesn't share that common quality that almost all the cheaper beers have here: the light presence of alcohol. This one makes it clear it's there, and in a nasty way.

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