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Qiqihar was founded as a walled city in 1691, and for a period the military government of Heilongjiang was based here. For many years, only Manchus were allowed to live in the city, but gradually it transformed to be dominated by Hans. Establishment of the Chinese Eastern Railway in 1903 and later other lines made the city a transportation hub. During 1931-1945 it was an important military base for the Japanese occupation, which helped the city grow in size and importance.

  • Zhalong National Nature_Reserve. ( Buses for the reserve leaves from the bus station on Longhua Road (龙华路; Lónghuálù) or from the train station, take around 1 hours and cost ¥5 ). The reserve is home to lots of birds including cranes. Best visited in April-June, but July-September is possible. See Zhalong National Nature Reserve main article for more information. ¥75.  edit
  • Longsha Gongyuan. ( Walk or take bus no. 1 or 2 down Longhua Road ). ¥2.  edit
  • Summertime night market. ( Southern end of 公园路 ). 6-9pm in the summer.  edit
  • Dacheng temple ( 大乘寺 ), Minhang Rd (民航路). Free.  edit

There is a national park located in the suburbs of Qiqihar. It is a beautiful grassland with marshes here and there. Qiqihar is famous for its cranes. At a specific time each morning, the park authorities let cranes out of their cages to fly and roam around the park. It's a beautiful sight, make sure you get there early enough to be there when they open the gates.

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