Qaroodan Somalia

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How can stoning to death for adultery be missing in God’s Holy Quran (the last revelation completed and perfected for mankind) when there is nothing missing in God’s Torah (Taurat) and God’s Gospel (Injil)?

Somali broadcasts to Somalia at 1700 UTC (8 pm Somalia time) heard in Sydney Australia at 4 am summer time).

15545 kHz 15.545 MHz VOA Voice of America, Washington, USA Somali to Somalia from a short wave radio transmitter in Irana Wila, Sri Lanka. Signal Strength 9 in Sydney. Very Good reception.

11665 kHz 11.665 MHz VOA Voice of America, Washington, USA Somali to Somalia from a short wave radio transmitter in Udon Thani, Thialand. Signal Strength 7 in Sydney. Good reception.

These are the worldwide emergency radio communication frequencies used by Somalia amateur radio operators which may be used by anyone who has qualified for the free Somalia amateur radio operator’s license. These frequencies are used by volunteer amateur radio operators in many countries as a way to help anyone on Earth in an emergency.

Study the  EASY  and  FREE  on-line Somalia amateur radio license qualifying radio course a nd answer the questions at the end of each topic .

What happened is that they memorized the Quran but they believed man more than they believed God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Quran (revealed to Prophet Muhammad), God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Torah (Taurat, revealed to Prophet Moses (Musa)) and God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Gospel (Injil, revealed to Prophet Jesus (Isa)).

Errors in understanding Islam and the Quran come from what man said after Prophet Muhammad left the earth.

But when men listen to other men more than they listen to God (Allah, Allaah), their interpretation of the Quran is not God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) word in the Quran but the words of what other men have told them.

Only what God (Allah, Allaah) has revealed in God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Holy books is really from God (Allah, Allaah).

When people listen more to what other people say instead of what God (Allah, Allaah) says in God’s (Allah’s, Allaah’s) Holy books then misguidance starts.

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