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Tropical cyclone development is not anticipated across the Indian Ocean on Friday, while the tropics remain active over the western Pacific. Hurricane Pali is now located approximately 748 nautical miles south of Johnston Island. Pali remains a category 1 hurricane, with maximum wind speeds at 80 mph (69 kts). The forecast track for Hurricane Pali has this system moving in a west southwestward trajectory. By Friday, Pali is expected to be upgraded to a tropical storm. Wind speeds will likely range between 39 to 73 mph (33 to 64 kts). This system does not pose threats to any major land masses. Additionally, an area of low pressure is located 250 nautical miles northeast of Pago Pago, American Samoa. This system has a low chance to develop into a tropical cyclone as it pushes south southeastward. Regardless of development, rain and thunderstorms will affect the Cook Islands and American Samoa. Pago Pago, American Samoa, will experience intermittent thunderstorms on Friday with a high of 85(F)/ 29(C). For more information regarding the tropics, please visit

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