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Description: Pallasovka (Russia) Property Prices & Values Report

This Pallasovka (Russia) Property Prices & Values Report provides data on the Property Sales Prices and Values specifically in Pallasovka (Russia). In addition, where available this data is further analysed by Property Application / Usage and/or Building Buyer / End User sector.

This report consists of a download Zipped file (c. 200MB), containing the entire report web and databases. The data is supplied as Open Source and readers can access, and are free to reproduce, the information for inclusion into their own documents or reports. The tables & databases are in Access & Excel formats which enable readers to produce their own spreadsheet calculations and modeling. There are five additional DVDs available which provide Ancillary Data, Tools, and Utilities for the analysis and handling of the databases. This database is updated monthly. After-Sales and update services available from The Data Institute. Property Location Registry number: 777180034080

Photogallery Pallasovka Russia:

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Pallasovka in Russia: general information, weather, map, photo and ...

Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 32.0g PAL-32 - The Meteorite ...
Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 30.3g PAL-30 - The Meteorite ...
Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 32.8g PAL-28 - The Meteorite ...

Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 18.3g PAL-26
Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 17.6g PAL-
Kyyal 56 Pallasovka: ID11064.

Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 20.4g PAL-
Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 21.0g PAL-
Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite 26.5g PAL-31

Dovila 45 Pallasovka: ID12934. ××›
Iveta 34 Pallasovka: ID13798.