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Keywords: omuta, fukuoka #17, japanese pow camps, kyushu, haiku maru, pow rosters, bataan, corregidor
Description: Omuta - Fukuoka #17 POW Camp includes pictures, rosters and interviews plus the Gibbs Report

Medical and historical report by Dr Hewlitt. Narrative of the medical difficulties faced by the POW doctors despite the deliberate withholding of medical supplies.

FUK-17_Photos.pdf - Camp view, Benjo latrine, Inside room, Koreans stoking the furnaces, Camp kitchen which fed 1735 men, Koreans working in the mines, Koreans placing roof supports, Dutch Barracks 7 men squad, Overall view of camp, Barracks with pool, Guard shack

19 June 1944: group of Aussies, British & Dutch arrived on Teia Maru. Had been on the Burma-Thailand railroad.Australians #s 507-655; British #s 657-664 and Dutch 668-928.

Jan/Feb 1945: 95 Americans arrive ex Brazil Maru (Oryoku/Enoura/Brazil Maru survivors); and 95 British, Dutch, Czech, Norwegian, and American arrive aboard either Melbourne Maru or Enoshima Maru. The later included survivors of Hofuku Maru.

June 1945: a group of X Aussies arrive (#s >1893). They had been brought to Japan in Sept 1944 aboard Rashin Maru and were initially held at Fukuoka 13-D Oita before being transferred to #17

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