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Description: Okinawa is the only sub-tropical island of Japan and offers great beaches and scuba diving spots. We provide info on hotels, sightseeing spots and more.

Okinawa Japan is located in the East China Sea and a popular holiday destination for Japanese and international tourists. The Okinawa Prefecture comprises of more then hundreds Ryukyu Islands, which are all aligned in an arc that stretches from Kyushu Japan all the way down to Taiwan. Okinawa is the largest Island and also harbors the capital of the Prefecture, which is Naha. The islands latitude is far more southern than the other major islands of Japan like Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu or Hokkaido. Therefore, the climate on Okinawa Japan is warm and sub-tropical, with hot summers and mild winters. The Okinawa Prefecture played a huge part in World War II and carries the legacy of the origin of Karate.

Nowadays the Islands are on of the most popular tourist destination in Japan. They offer excellent beaches for sunbathing and swimming, the Yonaha Maehama beach in Miyako Island is crowned number one beach of Japan according to TripAdvisor. Another great activity on and around Okinawa is snorkeling and diving, the clear seawater and immense biodiversity are a true spectacle. The dishes on Okinawa are similar like the rest of Japan based on Sea Food like sushi and sashimi. Yet, traditional food in Okinawa Japan includes mainly fish soups, fried food and boiled dishes.

Our website offers reliable reviews of poplar tourist destinations in Okinawa Japan. Additionally, we offer geographical, historical and cultural information about Okinawa prefecture and the Ryukyu Islands. The islands that we cover are Le-Jima, Kume-Jima, Kerama Island, Miyako-Jima, Iriomote-Jima, Ishigaki Island, Yonaguni and of course Okinawa Island. The reviews are based on own experiences, fellow travelers and trusted Internet sources such as the Japanese government and municipals. We hope you enjoy your stay in Okinawa and find our website useful to plan your trip around the most beautiful Islands of Japan.

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