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Description: Travel information for Namwon City (North Jeolla (Cholla) Province), South Korea.

Known as the "City of Love" for its connection to the story of Jeon, Ch'unhyang, Namwon attracts many couples of all ages. An annual festival with actors recreating the story is the area's most popular event. Additionally, mountain hikers come here before or after climbing Jiri-san, one of Korea's most famous national parks. With local buses to and from the area's major entrances into the park, it also forms a convenient transportation hub for climbers, with buses and trains to all over the country.

Gwanghallu Namwon is the setting for the story of Jeon, Ch'unhyang, one of Korea's most famous love stories. The area houses several pavillions central to the story, including Ch'unhyang's swing and her mother's cottage. Several photographers have sets of traditional clothes so visitors can dress up like the major characters and get their pictures taken.

Jiri-san National Park As the closest major city to Jiri-san in North Jeolla Province, Namwon makes a great base camp for hikers planning to explore the northern side of the park. The park contains South Korea's second highest peak (Ch'eonwhang-bong. 1915 meters).

Namwon Tourist Complex This sprawling complex has hotels, yeogwans. and minbaks. as well as many different types of restaurants, to cater to the stream of hikers coming through Namwon. Namwon Land amusement park has the general assortment of amusement rides for all ages.

Dongp'yongjae Street Many young lovers walk along the Yoch'eon stream. The area is dedicated to Dongp'yongjae (a traditional Korean opera).

The Namwon Tourist Complex has many different restaurants with reasonable prices. The streets bordering Gwanghallu also have many places to eat, with some of them decorated to imitate Wolmae's (Junhyang's mother) establishment. (Wolmae worked as a kisaeng. an entertainment woman similar to Japan's geisha .)

The Namwon Tourist Complex has a number of noraebangs and drinking establishments open late. Namwon Land is open late on weekends. The musical fountain near the entrance to the Namwon Tourist Complex has lights added for the evening shows.

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