Najran Saudi Arabia

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Being an agricultural city, Najran is famous for its beautiful gardens and public parks. Peaches, apricots, apples, grapes, lemons and oranges are grown on a wide scale.

The 73-meter-high Najran dam is one of the region's tourist attractions, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy scenic views on both sides of the dam. Historical artifacts available in the area include rock drawings and inscriptions, particularly in the city of Al Okhdood, south of Najran city. This large sand-covered fortress gives the impression that it once possessed high perimeter walls built with giant stones similar to those used in building the famous Egyptian pyramids. Najran's landmarks include the "Rass" stone, a 2-meter-high granite stone.

Najran is also famous for its numerous popular festivals and folklore dances. It is a tourist city with a moderate climate, orchards and scenic views.

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