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Being the fifth most populated island in the Maldives, Naifaru is a bustling little community, spotted with stores selling everything from hardware to tailoring services. There is a post office and a bank (with an ATM) at your disposal as well as number of restaurants and coffee shops. Naifaru has just over 5,000 people currently registered on the island with the majority being Maldivian whilst there are a small number of expatriate workers from countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Naifaru has a few main streets which form a grid within which you will find a maze of intricate side streets and alleys. Both the main streets and side streets are always filled with people of all ages, sitting around talking, playing local card games or even playing maldivian music in the street – Naifaru is an island full of life and friendly people, a great place to make new friends and meet new faces.

Within the various islands of Lhivayani Atoll, there are numerous schools. In Naifaru Island alone there are currently three pre-schools, two community schools, and one private school. The schools cater to children from grade 1 through 12. Needless to say, there are a range of different teaching positions available for our teaching volunteers!

As there are children of all ages on our island the range of subjects and their level differ quite a bit. Depending on your level of experience we can offer volunteering positions in subjects such as English, art, math, biology, chemistry, and/or physics. Of course, the scope of your tasks and your responsibilities will reflect your experience in the field.

The programme focuses on including you in the entire process through planning of classes with other teachers, school administration and parents. This offers you a great opportunity to experience our local Maldivian community and get an inside view of life in the Maldives!

As our computer instructor, you can expect to find a community that uses computers and IT technology to an increasing degree. To meet this development this programme seeks to educate the community in the use of computers to equip them with the knowledge needed in our increasingly computerised world.

Our focus is mainly on kids and youths, but we offer our services to all members of our community where needed. As our volunteer computer instructor, most of your work will take place at our fully equipped ICT centre where the island’s youth come to use our computers. However, as we are working closely with the various schools throughout the island, expect to work hand in hand with teachers and parents both at our office and at the schools.

Your tasks as our computer instructor span from planning and organizing curricula for different age groups to teaching youth, kids, and government officials in a range of software and applications. The subjects taught will vary from training in Ms Office software to internet security and website building, as well as any other specialised training you may be able to offer in graphic design software such as Adobe packages or AutoCAD. There are likely to be more areas on which to concentrate your attention, and you will be given the opportunity to discuss and implement this as you go along.

Are you a sports enthusiast who enjoys coaching and working with children and youth? And would you like to leave your dull life at home and live and coach in a beautiful island community where visitors are warmly welcomed and appreciated?

Then this volunteering programme is just what you need! Give some of your time to come and help our youth and children and we guarantee you that you will have an experience you will never forget!

As a sports volunteer on our island, Naifaru Island you will get a great opportunity to work closely together with children and youth in one of the following sports for which we have equipment:

We welcome volunteers who can work specifically with one or more of these sports as well as enthusiasts who can apply their skills across the board.

One of the goals of this programme is to increase the variety and quality of our physical education offers in our local schools as well as increasing awareness about the importance of doing sports and the benefits it can have to a small community!

e constantly have several projects going on in our different programmes. As the volunteers assigned to those programmes will have their hands full with helping the community with what they’ve been tasked with, there is great need for you, as our community organizer, to step in and assist whenever the various programmes require events to be established. The community organizer programme seeks to act as a bridge between the various programs of Travel to Teach and the relevant representatives from the local community.

The aim of the programme is to give the community a valuable person who can focus his or her attention solely to the implementation of the various projects and programmes so that our work here sees completion. Also we wish to give our international volunteer an insight into our local community so that the implementation of current and future projects will go smoothly.

Be our community organizer and you will also be someone who the other volunteers can turn to for assistance when they are working on establishing community events etc, effectively giving you a broad insight into all of our ongoing projects!

Prices are available for any period between 2 weeks and 6 months, except for teaching assisants who are required to stay for at least 4 weeks.

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