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Description: Nagaon, the rice bowl of Assam is located in the very heartland of Assam, it falls precisely at the center of the entire North East of India. Nagaon is the centrally located district of Assam with headquarters at Nagaon town. It is one of the largest districts of Assam. The district consists of fertile alluvial plains and thickly forested hills.

Nagaon, the rice bowl of Assam is located in the very heartland of Assam, it falls precisely at the center of the entire North East of India. Nagaon is the centrally located district of Assam with headquarters at Nagaon town. It is one of the largest districts of Assam. The district consists of fertile alluvial plains and thickly forested hills. It is situated 123 kilometres (76 mi) east of Guwahati. The district is bounded by Sonitpur district & the Brahmaputra River in the North, Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills in the South, East Karbi Anglong and Golaghat district in the East. An old district which dates back to 1833, it is Assam’s second most populous district, which probably prompted its old British administrators to jocularly describe Nagaon as a district of 3 c’s. chickens, children and cases .

Nagaon, earlier spelt as "Nowgong" was carved out as a separate district administrative unit in 1832. Located in Central Assam, the eastern, western and southern segments of the newly organised district were once ruled by different small-time feudal kings or their agents. An extensive and undulating plain intersected by big and small hills and rivers - the geography of the segments determined who their masters ought to be. The residual effects of the rule of the Bara Bhuyans were imaginatively utilised and reorganised by Momai Tamuli Borphukan, an intrepid officer of the Ahom King Pratap Singha in the first half of the seventeenth century. This area, until then, was more of strategic than administrative concern. Since this was a newly organised village system, hence it is called "Nagaon" ('Na' meaning "new" and 'gaon' meaning "village").

Nagaon district comprised the present Nagaon and Morigaon districts until 1989, when the Morigaon district was separated as a distinct district; which was a subdivision (Mahkuma) till then. The then Nagaon district had three subdivisions: Nagaon, Morigaon and Hojai. Later, the present Nagaon district was again divided into three subdivisions: Nagaon, Kaliabor and Hojai.

In terms of natural resources endowment, the economy is purely agrarian. Agriculture is the backbone of its economy providing livelihood to about 78% of the total population. Rice is the staple food of the inhabitants and paddy is the principal crop of the district. Floods, however, are a major impediment in the development of this sector. Credit flow has also been very low. However, this aspect has now started showing signs of improvement. Present marketing linkages in the sector are weak. The average land holding size is also low (0.9 Ha). Fund requirement is suggested to be met under various govt. schemes and credit linkages from banks. An important component here is the requirement of convergence of various agencies like Irrigation Department, ASEB, DRDA, Banks etc.

Poultry. People in the district of Nagaon are predominantly non - vegetarian and prefer both eggs and meat of birds of local variety. Production is less than the demand in the district. The climatic condition of the district is suitable for poultry farming. Most of the poultry birds are reared in small units. However, the farmers have to depend on other districts/states for supply of Day Old Chicks. Non availability of quality poultry feed in the local market along with high cost of ingredients and limited supply of essential medicines/ vaccines are the major constraints for development of this sector.

Dairy. The people in rural areas of the district have long tradition of maintaining cows & buffaloes for draught power and milk. The production of milk per local animal is 1.5 litre/day. The low productivity of the dairy animals is apparently due to poor genetic character of the local cows. There is high preponderance of small holdings in the district. Considering demand & supply in the district, there is ample scope for development of this activity in the district, particularly in rural areas adjacent to urban and semi-urban areas.

Handloom. The handloom Industry is the most important cottage industry in Assam with a glorious past. It is closely associated with art and culture of the society. Mahatma Gandhi made no exaggeration when he remarked "Every woman of Assam is a born weaver. No Assamese girl can expect to become a wife if she does not weave. And she weaves fairy tales. Some of the old patterns were of matchless beauty". Weaving is a traditional activity of the state.

Nagaon district presents a unique picture in the Handloom and Textile sector. Weaving of fabrics is a way of livelihood of large number of rural families and artisans. Looms are part and parcel of rural households and weaving is an integral part of rural livelihood. However, this important sector is yet to be exploited commercially. It needs to be kept in mind that weaving is only a part time activity and not the primary bread earning activity. As a result, Handloom has not been able to develop to its fullest potential. It is proposed that the inherent advantage which women have in weaving skills shall be exploited. It is felt that demand for the products already exists.

Kaziranga National Park : Kaziranga is known all over the world for successful conservation of Great One Horned Rhinoceros. It is also home to a number of threatened wild animals and migratory birds. The Kaziranga Landscape comprises of sprawling grasslands, numerous water bodies and woodlands that provide an ideal habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. The flood plain ecosystem, which acts as important refuge of rich biodiversity, is the result of River Brahmaputra and its tributaries. Kaziranga is a large complex of rivers, lakes and marshes in the flood plain of the Brahmaputra river. It is an extremely important area for larger mammals and birds- 17 species of mammals. 23 species of birds and 10 species of reptiles are in endangered list.

Bordowa : The Birth place of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva, the great Artist, Author, founder of Vaisnava Religion, Dramatist etc. of Assam. The place is situated 18 km North – West from Nagaon town, There are two Sattras one is Narowa Sattra and other is Salaguri Sattras. A mini Museum is located in Narowa Sattra and the birth and death anniversaries of the Vaishnava saints are observed there with great grandeur.

Samaguri Bill : This is also known as Pokhi Tirtha, this is where Migratory Birds from different place of the world comes in winter Season. The distance of the place is 16 km towards East from Nagaon town.

Lowkhowa Avayaranya The wildlife sanctuary : This is situated at Lowkhowa namely covering an area of 70 sq. km at a distane of 25 km from Nagaon Town. Its main attraction is the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros. Other animals are Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Boar, Civet Cat, Leopard Cat, Hog Deer etc. Various species of birds and reptiles are also found in Laokhowa.

Kaliabor The Sub-division town situated at a distance of 48 km east of Nagaon is a historic place. As it initially was the headquarters of Barphukans during the Ahom days. It was also the scene of several battles against the Muslim invaders.

Silghat: It is situated at a road distance of almost 50 km from Nagaon is a vital and picturesque river port lying on the South bank of the mighty Brahmaputra. Pre-communication links of Central Assam across the Brahmaputra are maintained through this port town. Besides, playing host to the Assam Co-operative Jute Mill, Silghat also has several temples to enthrall visitors. A big Samantagiri hillock draws big crowds from everywhere.

Hojai : This sub-divisional town is situated at a distance of 61 km from nagaon and is renowned as the granary of Assam, besides its more allusive claim to being the centre of the Agar perfume industry. It is also the principal whole-sale market for rice in assam. Besides rice, sugar-cane, mustard and jute,vegetables are also grown in abundance.

Jugijan : This is situated at about 6 km from Hojai has become well known after the recent discovery of remnants of a fort and three stone temples decorated with carvings and base -reliefs. Seven Siva Lingas have also been excavated and preserved here. An 11th century idol of Chamunda has been discovered at Navanga village, 2 km from Jugijan.

Doboka : This is situated 34 km, south-east of Nagaon was the seat of the Doboka kingdom, mentioned in the Allahabad inscription of Gutpta Emperor Samudragupta according to some historians. The Akashiganga waterfall, near Dabaka is a favourite with many picknickers.

Kamakhya Temple (Not to be confused with the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati). The famous Kamakhya Temple is situated in Silghat (Bank of the river Brahmaputra). The Ashok Astami Melas held every year near Kamakhya Temple.

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