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Description: Magong City has been an important trading center between Taiwan and Mainland China since Ming and Qing Dynasty; therefore, there are many legends, historic relics, and old buildings. Tianhou Temple is a national historic site. Other famous tourist attractions like Shigong Shrine, Wangjun Well, Four-eyed Well, Taixia Chamber of Commerce, and Shuixian Temple (built in the first year of Guangxu)are also located here.

Zhongyang Old Street is the earliest commercial residences in Penghu. With long rows of street house on either side, the old streets were built in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. They reveal an air of primitive simplicity and elegancy as well. Tianhou Temple is a national historic site. Other famous tourist attractions like Shigong Shrine, Wangjun Well, Four-eyed Well, Taixia Chamber of Commerce, and Shuixian Temple (built in the first year of Guangxu) are also located here.

Guanyinting was built in 1696. It is the first Buddhist temple in Penghu. In Guanyinting Recreation Area, water activities are flourishing. The three-span steel arch bridge beside the area is 200 metes long and 4.6 meters wide. It shines with seven-color neon lights at night. Since Guanyinting used to be called "Xiing, the Point of Spot Interest", the arch bridge is therefore called "Xiing Rainbow Bridge" and has become a famous landmark in Magong City.

Duxingshi Village is the oldest military housing in Taiwan. In addition to the distinctive living quarters and the history background, it is also famous for two singers: Pan Anbang and Chang Yusheng. Both of them spent their childhood here. Pan's single "Grandma's Penghu Bay" and Chang's "My Future is Not a Dream" were once the hits. Now their former residences have become space for art exhibitions and memorial museum.

Opened to the public in 2010, Penghu Living Museum is the first city museum in Taiwan. To make the exhibits close to real life, real specimens, documents, images, ecological landscaping, and miniature models are presented; virtual reality and multimedia are alternately applied.

A legend says that once upon a time a sow ran to the beach and was then dragged into the sea by a giant octopus Therefore, Shanshui used to be called "A Sow Fell into the Water". The well-known fine white sand with a great field of beach morning glories creeping upon it makes the beach a paradise for visitors to play in the water.

The elegant white Shili Beach is composed of fragments of corals and shells. In early years, it is a fishing field where the inhabitants captured fish by "Qiangu" (a traditional net wind-formed sand hill. The beauty of the smooth landscape and the dark blue sea water in this area can compete with the famous Waiiki Beach in Hawaii.

Listening to the waves at Fenggui Blowholes is well-known and popular to visitors. Long and narrow sea grooves as well as sea caves have been forming due to the well-developed columnar joints in basalt being eroded by waves. Whenever south wind blows and the tide rises, the air inside the sea caves is pushed and makes the sea water gush out. Thus the caves resound with noise of waves.

Snakehead Hill is located on the top of Fenggui peninsula. For the demand of trading business, Dutchmen built the first western style castle in Taiwan in 1622-ever since they invaded Taiwan. Afterwards, batteries and forts were built in different periods. Now, monuments in memory of French soldiers killed in battles and war relics still remain there.

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