Kakogawa Japan

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From its strategic location in the Harima area, Kakogawa has thrived as a strategic point of east-west traffic since long ago. Saijo Tumuli, from which the oldest belt fittings in Japan were uncovered, have been designated a Historic Site of Japan. In the 7th century, the “Kako no Umaya” was set up as a relay post along the ancient Sanyo Highway, which later in Medieval times grew into an assemblage of inns and stables known as “Kakogawa-Juku”. Kakurinji shotoku, houses many national treasures and important cultural properties that tell people today about the romanticism of times passed.

Kakogawa is a strategic point of east-west traffic, blessed with wondrous natural surroundings. The invigorating and pristine landscape has molded a number of unique people throughout our history.

  • Fifurative Arts and Letters
- Seira Matsuoka : Representative haiku poet of the 18th century
  • Performing Arts
- Yoichi Sugawara: Veteran singer know by everyone - Goro Tani: Radio personality
  • Sports
- Shigetoshi Hasegawa: Major League Baseball player
  • Economy and Society
- Kumejiro Taki: Founder of Taki Chemical and inventor of the first chemical fertilizer in Japan

Photogallery Kakogawa Japan:

Panoramio - Photo of Kakogawa,Japan
Kakogawa City Office, Japan, Hyogo - e-architect
Kakogawa City Office, Japan, Hyogo - e-architect

Rice-field,Kakogawa,Japan,Photo-Japan worldmapz.com
Panoramio - Photo of Kakogawa River, Hyogo, Japan / 加古川(兵庫県)
Kakogawa City Office, Japan, Hyogo - e-architect

File:Hitozuka Kofun Saijo Kofun-gun Kakogawa Hyogo pref Japan01s3 ...
Rice-field and Schools,Kakogawa,Japan,Photo-Japan worldmapz.com
Higashi-kakogawa Station,Japan,Photo-Japan worldmapz.com

Investment Property in Hyogo - Hiraokacho shinzaike - Kakogawa-shi ...
Activity by Ryuta Nakamura (30 Oct, 2014 | Running | 13.81 km | 01 ...
Rice-field,Kakogawa,Japan,Photo-Japan worldmapz.com

File:Kakogawa Kakurinji8259.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Pizza oven build in Kakogawa Japan. | My Pizza Oven Build | Pinterest
Kakogawa City Office, Japan, Hyogo - e-architect

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Kakogawa | Hiking in Japan

Kakogawa trade
Ueno Station to Kakogawa Station by train, car, plane | Rome2rio
Higashi-Kakogawa Station / 東加古川駅(兵庫県加古川市),Photo ...