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In December 2006, I was visiting my parents in Kajaani and one morning I was browsing through the local news paper when I saw an article about a German guy and his Ukrainian fiance who live in Berlin. They were posing in front of the old town hall in the freezing weather, the bride was holding a bunch of flowers and was all dressed up in white. They had got married in the old town hall of Kajaani just a few moments before the photo was taken. Okay, I'm sure there are other more exotic places to tie the knot as well, but good for them. Or perhaps good for Kajaani, right?

The Evangelic-Lutheran church in Kajaani is one of the finest examples of the new Gothic architectural movement, which originated in mid-18th century England. It was completed in about a year and it was consecrated the same year, in 1896.

The church is entirely made out of wood. It was designed by a Finnish architect Jacob Ahrenberg (1847-1914), who is one of the most notable designers of this particular style in Finland. Other significant creations of his include Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge, Kotka (1889) (built for Alexander III, emperor of Russia and Grand Duke of Finland), the renovation and redecoration of the Finnish Prime Minister's Official Residence, Kesäranta (1904), two new reception rooms within the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, including The Hall of State (previously the Throne Room) (1907), Synagoga of Helsinki (1906), several churches, schools and garrison buildings.

The altar piece in the Evagelic-Lutheran church of Kajaani portrays Jesus and Saint Peter. It was painted by a local artist T.G. Tuhkanen in 1925. He is best known of paintings portraying the region and its residents.

The church was repainted and renovated inside in Autumn 2006. It is now much lighter and airier than it was previously.

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