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Description: Jämsä is a lively city in the Central Finland, between Tampere and Jyväskylä.

Jämsä is a lively and developing city located in the central Finland, between Tampere and Jyväskylä, right besides Lake Päijänne. In Jämsä, one can live near nature and choose between a wide variety of hobbies. Jämsä provides also good possibilities to work or study.

Jämsä is known for Lake Päijänne, Himos skiing center and its beautiful surroundings, as well as, paper and aviation industry, genuine felt boots, and the Old Chap of Jämsä, a jolly wanderer from Jämsä. A trickster, whose history goes back 150 years.

Himos holiday resort and tourism industry in general are the spearheads of the economical development policy of the Jämsä city.

Himos is one of the most popular Finnish tourist destinations. The Himos Holiday Resort is an all-year-round destination. After the busy winter season, the focus turns towards various summer events at Himos.

In summer, there are a lot of events in the Jämsä region: at Himos holiday resort, at the city centre, and in various villages around the municipality. The rock-, pop- and dance festivals of Himos are widely known. We have also a swimming center, two ice halls, various cultural destinations, art galleries, summer theatres, good restaurants, and interesting shops with local handicraft.

  • The southern region of Central Finland
  • Population ca. 22,100 inhabitants (in 2014)
  • Total area 1824.12 km²
    • land area 1571.44 km² 86%
    • water 252.68 km² 14%
  • Tax rate 21%
  • Structure of businesses
    • services 55%
    • industry 40%
    • agriculture and forestry 5%

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