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It has unspoilt Islands & Beaches, Hills, Temples, Palaces, Forest, Fantastic Bird life in the Bird Sanctuary & Marine Sanctuaries and Facinating Corals and Marine Life in the Marine National Park.

The founder of the princely state of Jamnagar was the Great Jam Rawal, who descended on the northern coast of Kathiawar in 1535 A.D

Jam Rawals father Jam Lakhaji ruled in Terabanu in Kutch. Then Jamnagae was known as Halar, read more on Halar at [1]

According to bardic chronicles, Jam Lakhaji had two cousins Tamachi Deda and Hamirji Jadeja, they envied his reputation for valor. Their envy was heightened by the fame of Jam Lakhaji at the siege of Pawagadh. So largely did he contribute to its capture by Bahadurshah, the Emperor of Gujarat, that he was bestowed 12 villages by him. As Jam Lakaji was going to take possession of his new fef, he was treacherously killed by his cousins Tamachi Deda and Hamirji Jadeja. Jam Lakhajis son Jam Rawal escaped and on growing up, took vengeance of his fathers murder in the same manner by killing Hamirji Jadeja.

Hamirjis two sons Khengarji and Sahibji fled to Delhi and after twelve months of waiting to meet the Great Moghul Emperor Humayun, they got the chance to join the crowd goingalong with the Emperor for lion hunting.

During the lion hunt, they got the chance to kill the lion just when it was going to attack the Emperor. As a reward, an army of 1,00,000 was sent with them to regain back their kingdom.

When Jam Rawal heard of the two princes coming back to the Kutch with the imperial army, he started getting ready for the battle. On one night, Goddess Ashapura came in his dream and told him that as he had broken the oath taken on her name about not killing Hamirji, even though, he was the person responsible for the death of his father. She should have punished him, but as he had at all other times honored her. So he should no longer dwell in Kutch but cross the sea and take Kathiawar as a dwelling place.

Upon awakening he called his counselors and discussed the dream, they agreed that he must leave Kutch and found for himself a Kingdom across the Gulf. So Jam Rawal along with his soldiers and many traders marched out. On the way he killed and conquered the territory of King Tamachi the other conspirator in the killing of his father, and he also conquered the town of Dhrol and its dependencies and gave them to his brother Hardholji, who was later killed in battle during that period, and the State of Dhrol was given to his eldest son, Jasoji.

The story goes like this, that once on a hunting trip on the land of present day Jamnagar, a hare was found to be brave enough to turn on the hunting dogs and putting them to flight. Deeply impressed by this, Jam Rawal thought that if this land can breed such hares, if his capital was built on this land, the men born here would be superior than other men.

He counsulted his astrologers and wise men, and the day chosen for laying the foundation stone was the 7th day of the bright half of the month of srawan, VS 1956. (August 1540 AD) on the banks of two rivers Rangmati and Nagmati and named it Nawanagar meaning new town.

There are many flights from New Delhi to Ahmedabad ( which is about 5 hours from Jamnagar) and there are 4 flights connecting Mumbai and Rajkot ( which is 2 hours from Jamnagar).

Jamnagar Railway Station is well connected with Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Calcutta,Gorakhpur,Varanasi and other important cities of India through regular trains.

The Saurashtra Mail and the Saurashtra Express are the popular trains that run between Jamnagar and Mumbai. Inter City Train Between Jamnagar and Surat leaves in the early morning. There are also trains to Dwarka.Delhi Ahmedabad by Rajdhani and the Bus service from Paldi (Ahmedabad) will get you cheaply from Delhi to Jamnagar (22-24 hours)

Jamnagar has a well-established road link to various cities of Gujarat like Rajkot( 4 lane ), Porbundar, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat. The popular bus services are private bus operators. (Shrinath, Patel & Eagle Travels). The cost from Ahmedabad to Jamnagar is approx. Rs 300. You can get lavish Volvo bus of Patel travels or Eagle travels @ 400Rs. Sometimes they offer you small dish of snacks as well. The fastest bus is at 10PM from Ahmedabad, which reaches at 2:20AM.

ST buses go hourly to Rajkot and every 30 minutes to Junagadh; other buses go to Dwarka, Porbandar, Bhuj and Ahemdabad and other places of Gujarat.

There are various private bus companies having modern buses in good condition and which are air conditioned; plying between Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Mumbai, etc

Auto Rickshaw is the preferable transport by the locals. Fix the fare before getting on an auto rickshaw. Prices vary different place but it starts from Rs 7 up to 15 within the town, depending on the distance.

Taxi is hired to travel longer distance. Everything within the town is covered by Auto Rickshaw. Again, fix the price and try to bargain a bit!

I have been visiting Jamnagar for the past 16 years. I've found cycling around Jamnagar a wonderful experience. Almost all areas of Jamnagar can be reached on a bicycle. Wearing a facemask helps - especially if you want to avoid dust/vehicle pollution. This is next best of course to a scooter/mobike.

Balahanuman Temple is where Ramdhun Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram is being chanted non-stop since the last 45 years. And it is a world record registered with The Guinness Book of World Records.

Jain Temples located at "Chandi Bazaar" area in Jamnagar are worth visiting. They are historic temples built around 1564-1622.

Jamnagar is world famous for Brass components. You can buy Brass Builders hardware like Tower Bolts, Hinges, Door Knob, Cabinet Knob, Door Handles, Door Stoppers, Zulla, Elbow, Tee etc. There are more than 2000 factories manufacturing various type of Brass components.

Jamnagar is also famous for its Bandhani (Traditional Sarees and Dresses), Kajal, Surama,and Kanku.Must visit Mahavir Bandhani a firm established in 1904 having an designer collection of bandhani Saree, Gharchoda, Dress material & Chaniya choli.

Jamnagar people love to eat, so here one finds quite a many food joints scattered all around the city, they maybe a hawker with foods on display in his larry or a small shop selling food to the huge waiting list of people.

Sundays are the days when mostly people go out to have fun in Jamnagar. Fun in Jamnagar means going out for a long drive or making an 8 around the city,.(going around the lake & Pratap Palace Area). and visiting this larrys and eating the hot & tasty food. On the lake thre are so many joints for this kind of junk foods. There are also Fresh Fruit sellers who juice them in front of you and if you specify, then serve them without adding the spices and ice.

Gathiya Bhajia Pakwan Gughra (which is very very tasty, everybody must taste this food once) Dabeli bread Bhel puri Pani puri American Makaai Katka Bread Jotta Bread (very very spicy) Bhaji Cone Dhokla Ras Patra Khandvi Daal Puri Chana Masale Dry Fruit Kachoris

Plain/Dry Fruit Kachori (a tasty and very spicy namkeen)is a must eat. Also 'Ghughara'(kind of kachori, served with Garlic and coriander chutney), again a MUST have!

Ice Gola's (chuski) are also very popular. You get different flavours and also various varieties like dry fruit gola, malai gola etc.

= 7 Seas Restaurant at Hotel President (serves Indian, Continental & Chines) - Operates 24 hours. = Swati Restaurant = Flavours Restaurant = Madras Cafe = Kalpana Restaurant = Aram Restaurant = Maruti Restaurant = Icy Spicy

= 7 Seas restaurant at Hotel President = Paramount Restaurant = Restarant at Vishal Hotel = Takdeer Restaurant(hidden away in the by lanes of the Muslim quarter of the city (Darabargadh). An experience similar to what one gets at "Bade Mian", Mumbai and "Kake da Dhaba" Delhi).

= There is one small samosa/kebab wala in a lane opp. Anupam Theatre. = Plus there are many hawkers who sell tasty egg preparations.

Please note that, being part of the "dry" state of Gujarat, public serving and consumption of alcoholic drinks are considered an offence. However larger hotels may provide these to international travelers in their rooms.

The people of Saurashtra, in general and Jamnagar in particular, are very friendly and helpful. A case in point is when the riots took place in 2002, Jamnagar was totally unaffected though the rioting had spread up to Rajkot. During the festival months one can find women and young girls walking around even late at night. The composition of the population of Jamnagar has been changing over the years. This is because of the large amount of people employed by Reliance and ESSAR Petrochemical Refineries since mid 90s.There has been a steady influx of Indians from all over which is soon going to give Jamnagar a cosmopolitan look.

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