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Incheon [1] (Korean: 인천, Chinese characters: 仁川), also Inchon. is a city in South Korea on the coast directly to the west of Seoul.

Incheon is an historically and economically significant place for Koreans. During the Korean War[2]. the city was the site of the Incheon Landing[3] by American forces. Today, Incheon is a metropolitan city with the population of about 2.8 million, politically independent from Seoul. Also, the city serves as a transportation hub by air and sea, with a massive harbor and the world best international airport[4]. Several beautiful islands, such as Yeongjong Island and Ganghwa Island. are also within city limits.

The status of the area is set to increase as various national projects are in development in Incheon. The New Songdo City plan, the most expensive real estate development in Korean history, will be finished in 2015. One of the world's tallest twin tower buildings, 151 Incheon tower[5]. is under early construction and Korea's current tallest building, the Northeast Asia Trade Tower, is already finished. Incheon is planning to launch further independent mini-cities for shopping, housing, and education. Added to this real estate development, Incheon will also invite a large number of visitors for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. Despite these developments, the Songdo area of Incheon is currently unfinished and largely uninhabited, not yet a viable destination for tourists. Travelers are more likely to enjoy the bustling eastern side of Incheon which blurs into the vast expanse of Seoul.

Incheon International Airport. South Korea's main gateway, is on Yeongjong Island. The AREX [6] train connects the airport to Gyeyang (20 min, $ 2.50), where you can transfer to the Incheon subway line. Alternatively, the limousine bus line (50 min, $ 10) is always available to go to many places in Incheon, or you can take a taxi (25 min, $ 50) to get into the city.

Incheon Port International Ferry Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (Yeonan Budu) [7] has connections to several cities in China. such as Weihai. Dandong. Qingdao and Tianjin.

The largest operator is now Weidong [8]. but passengers can look at full listings on a website [9]. These ferries are similar to miniature cruise lines and provide karaoke rooms, console games, and DVD rentals (private rooms only).

The trip can take as long as 24-hours, so if you have an economy ticket, request a sleeper bunk for a comfortable trip. If they are all taken, however, the only other option for an economy ticket is the sleeping deck where everyone will stay like sardines in a can. Arrive at the terminal 2-3 hours before departure to ensure there is availability for the bunks.

Kyeong-in line called Metropolitan Line 1 (for less than $ 3) links Seoul to Incheon. Also, the line often provides express trains that skip some minor stops between Dong-incheon station and Yongsan station. By using the express trains (for the same fare), passengers can save up to 30 minutes depending on where they go.

As of summer 2012, a new commuter rail line started operation. The name of this line is Suin line. Currently, the line starts from Oido station in Siheung and terminates Songdo station in Incheon.

From various cities in South Korea there are numerous Intercity Bus routes heading to Incheon. Travellers can book some routes from website [10] such as Busan. Daegu and Gwangju.

From Seoul, there are some express bus routes which mainly exist for commuters. Most of them connect Incheon from Seoul station, Shinchon and Gangnam station. For example, route 1400 links Seoul station, shinchon, Hongdae and Bupyeong.

Subway. the subway is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get around Incheon. There are five subway lines that run through Incheon, taking visitors to all the major districts in the city. The Airport Railroad begins at Incheon International Airport and runs across northern Incheon and on to Seoul. The Incheon Line runs north to south from Gyeyang Station to Songdo New City. Seoul Line 1 and Seoul Line 7 bring passengers in from Seoul, connecting to the Incheon Line at Bupyeong Station and Bupyeong-gu Office Station. The recently built Suin Line takes passengers across the southern Incheon. This line will be expanded further to connect Incheon to Suwon.

Fares start at 900 won and increase with distance. Transportation cards can be purchased in English at the automated machines found in the subway station. Visitors can also buy transportation cards at most convenience stores.

Bus. if the subway doesn't go where you need to go, the bus is a great option. Buses run through almost every neighborhood in Incheon. Green buses, known as neighborhood buses, take passengers around the local neighborhood or district. Blue buses, known as the city buses, take passengers from district to district across the city. Green/White buses and Red buses take passengers from Incheon to Bucheon and Seoul.

Fares are different for each type of bus, ranging from 800 won to 2,500 won. You can pay with exact change or use a transportation card purchased at the convenience store.

Taxi. taxis will take visitors anywhere in the city. Fares start from 2,600 won and increase with distance. However, taxi drivers usually don't speak English, so know where you are going and have the address written down to make it easier for you.

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