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Description: The City of Ilagan is a 3rd class component city in the province of Isabela belonging to Region II or the Cagayan Valley Region in the Philippines. It is the provincial capital of Isabela and is

The City of Ilagan is a 3rd class component city in the province of Isabela belonging to Region II or the Cagayan Valley Region in the Philippines. It is the provincial capital of Isabela and is situated in the central portion of the province. It is approximately 96 kilometers from Tuguegarao City and 397 kilometers from Metro Manila through Maharlika Highway via Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya.

With a total land area of 1,116.26 square kilometers, Ilagan is the 4th largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area, next to Davao City, Puerto Princesa and Zamboanga City. Of these land area, 31% are agricultural, 36% are forest areas and the remaining 33% are build-up areas and open grasslands that are available for industrial, commercial and residential uses.

Ilagan is also the most populous city in the province with 135,174 residents spread over its 91 barangays, the most number of barangays in Isabela. Each barangay is consists of 7 purok or village and some have sitios. At present, 12 of these barangays are considered urban while the rest are rural.

As a city which is agricultural in nature, Ilagan produces sufficient supply of corn, rice, vegetables and legumes. It also produces fruits like banana, mangoes and pomelo. Ilagan also has rich forest resources and are strictly protected by government authorities like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and several non-government organizations.

Most of the industries in Ilagan are agri-based and one of these major industries is furniture making. Several shops manufacture and sell furniture made of quality narra wood. These shops are located along the national highway in Barangays Alinguigan 2nd and Alinguigan 3rd. These barangays are dubbed as the "Butaka City" of Ilagan because it is where the world’s biggest armchair, the Butaka, was manufactured.

In terms of its tourism, Ilagan became popular to adventure seekers because of the Ilagan Sanctuary which is part of the 819-hectare Fuyot Springs National Park located in Barangay Santa Victoria. It is just 15 kilometers away from the city proper and can be reached via jeepney or tricycle. Entrance fee to the park is Php 50.00 that includes the use of the swimming pool.

While inside the park, there are a lot of natural attractions to enjoy especially if you love walking. First stop are the Santa Victoria Caves composed of more than 12 limestone caves, but only 3 of these are open to visitors: the Main Cave, the Altar Cave and the Adventure Cave. The walk through these 400-meter caves is easy so you have ample time to admire the sparkling and unusual rock formations. You may also go on a trek to Pinza Falls and enjoy the natural beauty and relaxation the sanctuary has to offer.

Your visit to Ilagan Sanctuary wouldn’t be complete without trying its famous zipline. This is a 350-meter zipline with an average speed of 80 kilometers per hour and is considered as the fastest zipline in the country. It is gravity that makes the zipline ride fast so the speed depends on the weight of the rider which means that the heavier you are, the faster is the ride that you’ll experience. Do not worry on your safety because all the materials of this adventure ride are European made and have passed International Security Standards.

What makes Ilagan’s zipline more exciting is because it is located on a platform 700 feet above the ground. To reach this platform, one must climb the 250-step hill or hire an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) for a more accessible option. The zipline ride costs Php 200.00 excluding the ATV ride.

The Ilagueсos have made binallay. a native rice cake, the symbol of the noble characteristics they aspire to have as an individual and as a community. These include being hardworking, patient and God-fearing. These characteristics, according to the Ilagueсos, are the ones exhibited when cooking binallay as it is tedious and difficult to make. God-fearing, on the other hand, is associated because binallay represents the Ilagueсos penitence during the Holy Week because this is the only food they eat during the whole week.

This rice cake, indeed, holds a special significance in the religious and culinary heritage of the city. No wonder, they named their own festival after it, the Binallay Festival. celebrated every 30th day of May.

Other festivities celebrated by the city are the Aggaw na Ilagan held every May 4 to commemorate the founding anniversary of the city; the Mammangui Festival; and the celebration of the feast day of the city’s patron saint, St. Ferdinand, held every May 30.

Among the bigger cities and muni­ci­pa­li­ties in the neigh­bor­hood of Ilagan there are Baggao (Cagayan ) 88 km north-west, City Of Isabela (City Of Isabela) 27 km south-west, Tuguegarao City (Cagayan ) 69 km north-west, City Of Cauayan 43 km west-south-west, City Of Tabuk (Kalinga ) 79 km west-north-west, City Of Santiago 79 km south-west, Tuao (Cagayan ) 98 km north-west, Echague 70 km south-west, Alicia 60 km south-west as well as 64 km west-south-west of Ilagan the municipality San Mateo.

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