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Haidong in Chinese Pronunciation: Click the button to learn how to say Haidongin Mandarin Chinese. Or you can download it to your hand device to play it to a conductor when buying a train ticket to Haidong.

Haidong Overview: Located to the northeast of Qinghai Province, the intermediate zone between Xining and Lanzhou. To the east, it borders with Tianzhu, Yongdeng, Lanzhou, Yongjing, Linxia and Gannan in Gansu Province. It wins its name from it location, on the east bank of Qinghai Lake. Covering an area of 13.2 thousand square kilometers, it has a population of 1.658 million. Haidong is an important agricultural economy region in Qinghai Province. The Tu Ethnic Group is another feature for tourists. There is not only the Tu Ethnic amorous feelings of millions of years, but a secret before four thousand years ago waiting for your explore.

Map of Haidong: Here is a rough map of Haidong showing where Haidong is located on the map of China.

Haidong Climate & Weather: The climate in Haidong belongs to plateau climate, highly cold, dry with long time sunshine. The solar radiation is strong and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The average temperature is 6.9℃ annually and the average rain fall is 323.6mm annually. With the altitude of 1600 to 4600 meters and mountains as its main landform, the season difference is not apparent but the ultraviolet ray radiation is strong. The main rain season is between July and Sep. but the rain fall is little. It is windy at the end of winter and the beginning of spring which may reach to the grade of eight.

The best time to travel in Haidong is from June to Oct. during which, almost all ethnic groups’ festivals are gathered, for example, the Guanjing Gathering, Hua’er Gathering in Youning Temple, Archery Competition in Hualong, and Hua’er Gathering of Salar Ethnic Group as well as Nadun Festival of the Tu Ethnic Group.

Language in Haidong: Haidong has its own dialect which belongs to Qinghai Dialect. It’s not difficult to understand for Mandarin speakers.

Haidong Transportation: Haidong is only 35 kilometers to Xining and the traffic center located Ping’an Town. Air, railway and highway are available for passengers. No.109 National Highway, Qing-Tibet Railway, Lan-Xi Highway, Pinglin Highway, and Chuanguan Highway cover every town in Haidong, which makes the traffic in Haidong is convenient.

By Air: Haidong is 7.5 kilometers away from Xining Caojiabao Airport and there are dozens of routes from Xining to domestic cities, including Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Geermu, Lhasa, Shanghai, Shenzhen and so on. There are airport bus operates between Haidong and the airport. And taxi is also available to get to the airport.

By Train: The train station in the center of Ping’an Town of Haidong. There are many Qing-Tibet trains via here and they are directly to Xining, Geermu, Lhasa to the west and Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and so on to the east.

By Bus: the Highway net in Haidong is densely covered. No.109 national Highway, Lan-Xi Highway, Pinglin Highway and other branch roads cover the whole Haidong and link it with provincial cities and other cities outside Haidong.

Haidong Food: Local delicacies include Chopped Entrails of Sheep, steamed bread, Rangpi, Roasted Lamb, Tian Pei’er (sweet unstrained spirits), which is wheat berries boiled in water with fermenting agent. Haidong is national wide famed for its food made from wheat, for instance, Chow Mein (fried noodles), braised noodles, and Lamb sausage braised noodles. Besides, Feng’er Brown Sauce, Mixed Ginseng Fruit, Dry-fired Fish, and Roasted Lamb are also traditional dishes in Haidong.

Major Haidong Tourism Resources: As early as 121 BC, a general from Han Dynasty entered into Haidong with his army, Haidong was affected by Han culture continuously and also formed its unique culture and custom.

Tourist Attractions: Haidong has a lot of tourism resources, among which the major attractions are Jutan Temple, North Mountains National Forest Park, which is called the “Scenery Jewel”, “Plant Museum”, and “Natural Animal Zoo” on Qing-Tibet Plateau, Mengda Natural Protection Zone, Which is called “Xishuangbanna” on Qing-Tibet Plateau. Referred Jutan Temple in Ledu, which is a large-scaled palace-style temple in Ming Dynasty. It is famous for its giant colored wall-painting in the world and the content of the wall-painting is the whole life of Sakyamuni Buddha. And it is called small Imperial Palace in China.

Travel Agencies: There are 1 licensed tour operators which can offer travel services to international travelers. Please refer to all these Haidong travel agencies .

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