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Once an industrial city which produced much of Bulgaria's textiles, carpets and clothing, Gabrovo has reinvented itself since the fall of communism as a popular tourist destination, providing a comfortable place to stay, shop and dine and quick access to many local destinations. The city is also home to two museums, several historical churches and monuments in and historic bridges over the Yantra River, all popular destinations for tourists and sight seers. Recently the town won one of the biggest prizes in a national survey for "The best living town in Bulgaria" - Gabrovo won the "Greenest (Ecological) city" and came in second in readers’ choice contest.

Gabrovo began as communities harnessing the power of the Yantra River for mills and water wheels. A result of this legacy makes Gabrovo the longest city in Bulgaria as it follows the river, running north from the Balkans Mountains.

The city has a continental climate, owing to its position close to the Balkan Mountains and distance from the Black Sea. Gabrovo has hot summers and cold, snowy winters – which is good for the popular sky resorts in the nearby Uzana area. This part of Bulgaria has all four seasons, although spring is brief and falls mainly in April. The average high daily temperature in summer is about 27 C and in winter about 4 C.

Its favorable geographical location, at the geographical center of Bulgaria, makes it possible for Gabrovo to provide quick connections to airports, river ports and seaports across the country. Convenient roads connect the Gabrovo Municipality to many surrounding municipalities and towns.

Gabrovo is at an intersection point of two of the national arterial thoroughfares, which are of great significance to the European road network, i.e. road E-85 as part of the trans-European transport corridor № 9 (Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Kiev - Bucharest - Rousse - Veliko Tarnovo - Gabrovo - Dimitrovgrad with deviations to Greece and Turkey ) and Hemus Motorway Sofia – Varna.

Regular daily buses connect Gabrovo with most of the other major cities in Bulgaria, including Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Rousse and others. These may be dedicated lines, serving only Gabrovo and the other city, or Gabrovo may simply be one stop among many.

Gabrovo may be accessed through a railroad spur at an intersection with the European railway line C-E 95 (which runs north-south) in the small village of Tsareva Livada. Stops on the mainline to the north include historic Veliko Turnovo and the major transport hub of Gorna Oryahovitsa and stops to the south include the mountain villages of Tryavna and Raduntsi and the city Stara Zagora on the southern side of the Balkan Mountains. The spur line from Tsareva Livada runs several times a day, though there are sometimes two hours layovers at the Tsareva Livada railroad station between the Gabrovo train and trains running on the main north-south line.

There are no airports in Gabrovo or the neighboring cities of Kazanluk or Veliko Turnovo. However, arranging transport by bus or train from one of the Bulgarian cities with an airport to Gabrovo is relatively simple.

  • Sofia – 220 km
  • Varna – 274 km
  • Bourgas – 234 km
  • Plovdiv – 150 km
  • Gorna Oryahovitsa – 60 km

Gabrovo is home to many taxis, marshrutkas, 11 urban bus lines [2] bus lines, four urban trolley lines and five urban minibus lines, all of which offer quick transport at low cost to destinations across the city. The municipal government building, cultural center, library, theater, the city bazaar (vegetable and farmer's market), multiple restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and both museums are also close to the center of the city, placing them all with in easy walking distance of each other. If you want to get from one place to another, you can use the public transport in Gabrovo city, which is consisted of around 30 bus lines, the ticket price for one line is 1.00 BGN (leva). Thanks to Municipal passenger transport in Gabrovo you can achieve any point of the city with the municipal transport.

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