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Eisenach Germany in the state Thuringia - many attractions of Eisenach and especially the Wartburg Castle near Eisenach make that town to a real magnet for tourists.

The impressive castle complex perched on a hill above Eisenach Germany got the title of an UNESCO World Heritage - not least because of the great reformer Martin Luther, who translated the bible into German, the work of the Holy Elisabeth at the Wartburg Castle or Goethe, who supported the preservation of the castle.

Eisenach Germany: The Wartburg Castle belongs to the attractions of Eisenach. That World Heritage is perched on a hill above Eisenach in Germany and is one of the most taken pictures of Eisenach. At this castle Martin Luther translated the Bible.

As many pictures of Eisenach proof, there can be discovered lots of attractions in Eisenach on a walking tour through the city center of Eisenach Germany.

Starting point and the very heart of Eisenach is the market square with notable buildings like the late gothic town hall, the baroque city castle and church St.Georg. In that church the in Eisenach born composer Johann Sebastian Bach was baptized and later he worked there as an organist.

Just a few steps further, the Luther house, where Martin Luther lived as a school boy belongs also to the famous attractions of Eisenach.

Since 1896 Eisenach Germany also got the name 'City of automotive engineering' - once BMW produced its car "Dixi" and in times of GDR the East German car "Wartburg" was manufactured here.

Did you know what's about the legendary Hцrselberg mountains in the surrounding area of Eisenach Germany? The legend says, gods and fairy tale characters like Wotan, Venus, Mother Holle of the Brothers Grimm as well as the knight Tannhдuser of Richard Wagner's opera were at home here.

There is another highlight besides the attractions of Eisenach - a hiking tour through the Dragon's Gorge (Drachenschlucht) to the hunting lodge Hohe Sonne.

One of the attractions in Eisenach is the Bach House, assumedly the birth house of J.S. Bach. Nowadays it hosts a museum in Eisenach Germany.

Photogallery Eisenach Germany:

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