Dassa Zoume Benin

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Description: Our Auberges (hotels) in the Republic of Benin in Grand Popo, Abomey and Dass for business and tourist travellers.

The Auberge de Dassa Zoume is located on the main route to the north of Benin. It is on the outskirts of the city of Dassa Zoume, which is 210 km north of Cotonou. The road was recently resurfaced and is in very good condition. Dassa is at a major intersection where the only road to the north forks. The right fork goes to the northeast (Save, Parakou, Kandi, Malanville, and the Niger frontier) while the left fork goes to the northwest (Savalou, Djougou, Natitingou, Pendjari National Park and Burkina Faso).

Each year, in the month of August, Dassa becomes a pilgrimage destination and for 3 days the Pilgrims congregate here from all over West Africa to pray at the grotto of the virgin Mary.

The Auberge de Dassa was built near the intersection described above and dates back to the revolutionary period. It was at one time the ‘popular court’. Dassa is situated in the middle of a rocky mass that comprises of 42 hills. The railway line from Cotonou to Parakou passes through Dassa… Our hotel is a convenient stopping place at the fork in the main road between the north and south of Benin.

From Dassa, you can visit the Ouémé River, which is just 25 km east of our Auberge. It is possible to see hippopotamus in the river and wooden boats are available for hire. In this area you can go walking in the hills where you will discover a number of voodoo fetishes.

The hotel is constructed in the form of a "U". The two arms are bedroom blocks each with six bedrooms that are entered from exterior terraces, which run along two sides of a large garden where there are hammocks, tables and chairs for the guests to enjoy a relaxing drink.

Of these 12 rooms, 6 are air-conditioned and are equipped with satellite television (RFI, TV5, etc.). The other six have ceiling fans. All the rooms have mosquito proofing on the windows and over the beds.

All the bedrooms, like those in Grand-Popo, are equipped with en-suite bathrooms comprising toilet, shower and wash-hand basin.

The base of the "U" contains a large bar with an inside restaurant and alongside the bar is a lounge with satellite television. A large terrace outside the bar/ restaurant runs along the base of the "U" and provides the location for an outdoor restaurant, which looks out, over the garden.

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