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Description: Iranian diaspora, Iranian Persian Poetry, The Shame, Arash Daneshzadeh

They don't want us to look out the windows through the Internet, because maybe we will find the Truth

A few days ago the Iranian.com site was blocked throughout Iran. Now, those of us in Iran are denied reading poetry, seeing photographs, listening to music, and reading important articles written by fellow Iranians that live throughout the world. By this action they have diminished our freedom, pulled the walls closer, and reduced the size of the windows.

Are they doing this because of fear, or are they doing this in order to save us from "corruption"? On what basis do they grant themselves the permission to judge what is good or bad for us? When were they elected to be our guardians? Are they so pure and good that their mission has been endorsed by God? Does God only speak to them? And what does God tell them? Is there a special channel that they tune into that we don't know about? If they have found the answers then why don't they share them with us instead of forcing upon us what they think God wants for us?

If they have this special relationship with God then why have they not succeeded in creating an Islamic utopia in Iran after all these years? Why do we have millions addicted to opium and heroin? Why are a majority of very hard working Iranians barely able to survive financially? Why do many of our "namaz-khoon" and bearded government workers only do their duties after receiving an "eydee"?

Either their hearing is bad or God is not communicating clearly. Or maybe they are tuning in to the wrong channel.

Somewhere there is a problem and they know it and we know it. And I think that is what they fear; the possibility that the Koran maybe does not contain solutions to all our problems, and Sharia law does not create a perfect society. And because they are afraid they don't want us to look out the windows through the Internet, because maybe we will find the Truth. And maybe we will find many different channels and many different paths to God. And when enough of us do find the Truth they will no longer be able to claim a monopoly on the Truth.

So maybe the solution is for us is to seek the Truth on our own, as the gurus and wise men have always said; "Salvation is in our hands", "Enlightenment is possible", "The Truth can be found", "Be totally still and you will find God". Are these words not enough to guide us? Then why must we be forced to wear blinkers like some mule?

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