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Dandong (丹东; Dāndōng ; formerly Andong (安东)), is a city in Liaoning Province, China. right next to the North Korean border.

Travelers come to Dandong for its vicinity to the North Korean border. See the get out section for further details.

Situated at the confluence of the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea in the southeast of Liaoning Peninsula, facing the North Korean town of Sinuiju across the Yalu River, small Dandong enjoys its reputation as the largest border city in China.

The geographic setting and the rich natural resources of Dandong account for its recent development into a city characterized by light industry, the silk industry (late every May, Dandong is the venue for the Oriental Silk Festival), and also for special products such as ginseng, hawthorn and chestnut.

The quiet riverside city is most famous for the pockmarked Broken Bridge spanning the Yalu River. The Chinese side of the bridge survived American bombing during the Korean War, a time when the city still had its old name Andong. Now it is open to the public to commemorate "The Defeat of the American Aggression" and is the first choice for a glimpse of North Korea.

Dandong is a must-see for North Korea watchers unable or unwilling to go there, and for anyone interested in the Korean War.

Dandong Langtou Airport (IATA: DDG) - A small airport (shared with the military) located just outside the city, while flights from Dandong are limited, the airport is much more convenient than other options like Dalian or Shenyang which are both several hours away by train or bus. Daily flights are available from Beijing. with several flights a week from Shanghai. Shenzhen and Qingdao. The airport is 13 miles west of town and an airport shuttle and taxis are readily available (fare: around 35-45 RMB to the city, as usual in China the drivers are highly unlikely to speak anything but Mandarin). A new terminal opened in 2014, while small and very quiet there are a couple of basic shops and a restaurant / cafe which open a few hours before flights depart.

In September 2015 a new high speed train route was opened between Shenyang and Dandong reducing the journey time to just over an hour many times a day. In addition there are now direct trains to Beijing 2-3 times a day on a high speed G train taking around 6 hours and going via Shenyang.

Meanwhile the older trains, taking 4-5 hours from Shenyang and 14 hours from Beijing continue if you are on a budget: Trains from Shenyang several times a day with night trains from Beijing. Dalian. Changchun and Qingdao. From Dalian. the train takes a slow route of almost 10 hours, while buses can complete the journey in 4. You can also take the train from Pyongyang. North Korea and Moscow. Russia. Alternatively take the Beijing- Dandong train K27 ,17:27-7:15 ,about 14 hours, a hard seat about RMB141 yuan, a couchette about RMB260 yuan. From Dandong to Beijing K28 train times, 18:31 departure.

  • Beijing - takes about 10 hours
  • Shenyang - takes about 3 hours
  • Dalian - takes about 4 hours (99RMB Oct.2012)
  • Tonghua - takes about 5 hours

Dalian Express Buses also leave from the Baoshan Shicheng on Gong'an Jie. The trip takes about 4 hours.

A ferry between Dandong and Incheon port (South Korea) leaves Incheon's Ferry Terminal No. 1 at 5 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and leaves Dandong at 3 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The passage takes 15 hours and there is little food or english on the ferry. There are companies that can arrange North Korea tours, get you the train to Dandong and arrange your onward ticket to South Korea.

As the city of Dandong is not large, taxi is the most convenient way to get around though the town centre and sights are within 2kms of each other. With taxis the starting fare is 5 Yuan, and a ride anywhere within the city shouldn't be more than 10 Yuan. Normal rules of taxi-taking in China apply - make sure they turn on the meter, don't expect them to have seatbelts, or speak a word of English. Business class hotels can arrange for travel agents (again with limited, if any, English) to take you to the Great Wall and speedboats for 200 Yuan, without negotiation.

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