Damanhur Egypt

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Description: Nestled in the alpine foothills of Italy is a magical place: Damanhur--a Federation with its own Constitution, culture, art, currency, schools and technology.

“I would like the leaders of the world to come to Damanhur and objectively study how a thousand people from different countries work together and create an environment worth emulating. Damanhur must be better known in the world, because the world is looking for a model for the survival of the world.”

“At Damanhur they are not only dreamers, they are doers, and they don't just do for themselves. They have a lot of active outreach into the world. They began huge incredible-scale things like the Temples of Humankind. They are creatively active, physically active, active in all areas that are important for human society.”

“In a valley that had many economic and social indications of depression, Damanhur has brought inhabitants, reactivated interest in antique trades, and brought back the pleasure of artistic production in many fields. Today, Damanhur represents an element of social innovation.”

“I believe that many Damanhurians have 'found their tree'. They know what their dreams are and are actively realizing them.”

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