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Description: The second smallest union territory in India is Daman and Diu. Daman is near Surat is the South of Gujarat while Diu is near Junagadh in the Saurashtra Peninsula of Gujarat.

Daman lies on the Gujarat coast while Diu is an islet in the southern fringe of Kathiawar peninsula. It is bounded on the north and south by Bhagwan and the Kalem rivers respectively, on the east by the Gujarat State and on the west by the Arabian sea.

Gangaji fair is an annual festival celebrated in Dabhel village near the Somnatha Mahadev temple. During this festival people come from different parts of the district, take part in the holy tank here and offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.

This church which is a major tourist and pilgrim attraction belongs to the 17th century and is supposed to be the most sacred place in Daman.The intricate work of the church is a fine example of the excellence of the work of the Portuguese architects and artisans. The architecture here is more of a dominance of Roman Church art and architecture which is revealed from the statues seen here. The main door and the ceilings are carved with intricacy along with highly decorated interiors. This was initially a Parish church.

The Zampa Gateway in Diu is of major interest which is adorned with carvings of lions, angels and a priest and has a chapel inside with an inscription dating back to the 17th century. St. Thomas's Church and the St. Paul's Church were the two happening churches of the area in which the former is converted into a Diu Museum. The beaches of Diu includes Nagoa beach, Gomptimata and Chakratirth. The Somnath temple was built in the year 1974 and the presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. It is situated in Dabhel on Dabhel - Kachigam road.

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