Dahuk Iraq

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Coming from Zakho near the Turkish border, buses and taxis run regularly and cost no more than 10 US dollars. Remember that soldiers are stationed every few km on most roads and every village, town and city has checkpoints going in and out. As a foreigner, you almost certainly will be questioned, but given the trouble in the rest of Iraq, this is a routine yet very necessary precaution.

Taxis within Dohuk should cost around 3,000 Dinar. Public transportation can be found on and off the main street at the bus station and nearby taxi stands. Buses stop in front of hotel "Baghdad".

Duhok is a city located in Iraqi-Kurdistan. It offers a few touristic things to do, but those things are better than you will experience anywhere else. For starters, Dream City is the most popular amusement part among Duhok's natives. And a trip to mazi mall, a ginormous supermarket feels like a field trip of itself.

The city has made some mayor changes, and is more tourist friendly than a lot of big-shot places elsewhere.

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