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Description: Canlaon, part of the Negros Volcanic Belt, is a large stratovolcano dotted with numerous flank cones and craters, many of which contain lakes. The summit of Kanlaon contains a 2-km-wide,

Canlaon, part of the Negros Volcanic Belt, is a large stratovolcano dotted with numerous flank cones and craters, many of which contain lakes.

The summit of Kanlaon contains a 2-km-wide, elongated caldera with two craters. One is inactive and contains a crater lake. The second crater to the south is smaller, higher and contains the historically active vent, Lugud crater. Lugud crater is 250 m wide and 150-200 m deep. The base of Kanlaon measures an area of 30 km x 14 km.

Historical eruptions from Kanlaon have been recorded since 1866. Most historic eruptions were small to medium sized phreatic explosions, causing minor ash fall near the volcano. Canlaon's geologic record of past deposits include a remarkable large debris avalanche, that resulted from flank failure of the volcano and traveled 33 km to the SW.

A large increase in volcanic earthquakes occurred at Kanlaon volcano, Philippines, in late August 2009. Between 23 August and 1 September, 257 earthquakes were recorded, much more than normal levels of 0-4 tremors per day.

2 earthquakes were felt by residents living near Canlaon. At 17:26 PM on 23 August an earthquake was felt at Intensity II in Barangay Ara-al, La Carlota City. A second earthquake at 22:27 PM on 30 August 30 was felt at Intensity III in La Castellana and at Intensity IV in La Carlotta City and Bago City.

The epicenters of the earthquakes were concentrated at the NW slope of the volcano and probably indicated the reactivation of a local fault, perhaps caused by deep magma movements under the surface. No other changes of the volcano were observed and the alert status was not raised by Philippine authorities.

A significant increase of earthquakes at Canlaon volcano occurred between 7-10 February 2008, and the alert level was temporarily raised and a 4 km exclusion zone was established around the volcano. The alert was later dropped, as no other changes at the volcano occurred that might have suggested new activity.

A series of new eruptions at Kanlaon volcano began on 3 June 2006. Until 25 July, a total of 23 ash eruptions were reported. All eruptions were phreatic (i.e. no fresh magma was ejected), and ejected ash and steam up to 2 km above the crater.

No significant seismic activity had occurred before or after the ash emissions, indicating the explosions were near surface hydrothermal events.

A brief phreatic ash eruption occurred at Canlaon volcano on 21 January 2005, producing a 500 m high ash plume. A fine layer of ash fell on the town of Cabagnaan 5.5 km SW of the crater.

Ash emissions began again on 20 March and caused minor ash fall in the town of Guintubdan 5 km W of the volcano. Until 4 April, occasional ash eruptions reached 1 km above the volcano, and small ash fall was reported in the towns of La Castellana (16 km SW of the crater), Upper Sag-ang, Yubo (5-6 km SW), and Guintubdan (5-6 km WNW). Ash eruptions stopped after 25 May 2005.

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