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CANDON CITY, Ilocos Sur- The once dubbed sunset industry has not only risen but blossomed again for two years now.

It is proves to be the saving grace to the tobacco growers and in a way to the country amidst the economic turmoil.

Because of the good tobacco season last year after five cropping season losses, there is noticeable increase of farmers and area planted all over the four Virginia tobacco producing provinces.

The best part is the staggering all time high rise of prices of flue cured tobacco that put tobacco growers in near disbelief.

Valdez, 36, of Candon City, Ilocos Sur is a care taker of two- hectare plantation of Lawyer Robert Tudayan along the mountains of Palacapac, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

He was able to sell his top grade ( class AA) and lowest grade ( reject) flue cured neutral flavor tobacco at P90 and P60 per kilo respectively.

These are way up the agreed floor prices of flue- cured Virginia Tobacco; Grade AA- P61.00; A- P59.00 ; B – P57.00; C – P55.00; D – P50.00; E

The said prices was the result of the tripartite conference between and among tobacco farmers (farmers’ sector), the cigarette manufacturers (buyers’ sector) and the National Tobacco Administration ( NTA) in 2007 which is applicable up to this tobacco season.

Veteran tobacco buyer David Wagayen of Candon City assessed that tobacco companies have not met their quota and continuous to buy with the same price.

Wagayen who is still completing his 500 tons quota admitted that he even purchased as high as P100 per kilo of Class AA.

The sudden blossom of the top cash crop of the Ilocanos is saving them in the current economic meltdown all over the world.

Efraim Dayap, Sr. Senior Tobacco Production and Regulation Officer of NTA- Candon Branch, said that in their monitor there are many Overseas Filipino Workers affected by the crisis who have good back to tobacco planting which they did not regret.

James Villanueva, 44, Gabor, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur an OFW of 10 years, decided to plant tobacco for very good reasons.

His full blast planting of his 1.5 hectares earning him P150, 000 enough to compensate his earnings abroad and was able to continue completing the construction of their bungalow house.

Villanueva planted the Virginia tobacco full-flavor variety whose volume of demand had increased tremendously.

The full- flavour variety has more nicotine content compared to the Neutral variety which is the traditional kind being planted.

Dayap’s only son, Efraim, 26, graduate of education course in 2007, elected to do the planting in their ¾ hectare land.

He planted the native tobacco variety through contract growing scheme offered by the Universal Leaf Philippines Inc, a mother trading center, based in Agoo, La Union.

Over all there is an increase of 11.2 percent from the areas planted in the four producing provinces covered by the NTA.

Based on the data obtained from the NTA, there are 17, 580 hectares planted in Abra (1, 796.50 hectares), Ilocos Norte ( 1, 766.45 hectares), Ilocos Sur (11, 673.43 hectares) and La Union ( 3, 573.85 hectares).

There is also 8.24 percent rise in the number of farmers that whoplant or go back again to tobacco planting.

There are 25, 513 farmers that planted tobacco this season compared to that of 23, 571 that planted last year in the said four producing provinces.

As the tobacco season ends this month, you can imagine that tobacco growers have at least a smile in their faces and surely they have visited their respective banks.

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